Iona arrives in Funchal

Largest cruise ship to visit Madeira – photos & video

Iona in Funchal this morning

P&O’s flagship “Iona” duly docked in Funchal this morning and became the largest ship to visit the port. The huge cruise ship was detailed in some depth on a previous post, but a quick summary here – she departed Southampton on 9 October with 3,826 passengers on board and 1608 crew. She is moored on Pier 2 which has a length of 425 metres (the Iona is 344 metres).

The Iona is the largest ever to visit Funchal, but only in terms of tonnage. This is because, as the port office pointed out to JM, the largest – in terms of length – was the Anthem of the Seas, with 348 metres, while the Iona has “just” 344 metres

Iona – photos

Hate filling a “blog” full of photos, which really belong on social media, but this is probably an occasion that merits breaking the rules. Thanks as usual to David for the photos. The aerial ones added later are from JM who sent up a drone at dawn after she was joined by the Europa.

She is scheduled to depart this afternoon at 16:30 for the Canary Islands.

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