Hurricane season over?

Nothing predictable about climate change

Hurricane season over? 1

Heard from our resident nautical/weather expert Jaime last week, observing that it is 3 years since Hurricane Leslie narrowly missed Madeira and caused death and devastation when it made landfall in Northern Portugal in October 2018.

He notes that with so much attention on global warming and climate change, you would think the situation could only worsen year on year, particularly in respect of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes which derive their energy from warm oceans, whose temperatures the scientists inform us are constantly rising.

However, although “not out of the woods” yet it would appear that the 2021 season may be coming to an “early” end as there have been no Atlantic disturbances for two weeks now as the NHC graphic below illustrates.

Interesting to see that 2020 was reportedly the most prolific season ever recorded, although some of this is put down to improved satellite detection and tracking ( 2nd graphic ) so you would expect more in 2021 given the climate change scenario yet it has been a relatively quiet year with few major hurricanes reaching the US Gulf and Hurricane Sam being the strongest with sustained winds of 125 mph passing to the East of Bermuda and “ staying at sea “ until passing over Newfoundland, as it decayed.

The 3rd graphic shows the 2021 situation to date and once again it’s noticeable to see how few storms have ventured across to the Eastern Atlantic ( none ) so far this year.

Jaime notes that iust goes to show there is nothing predictable about the effect of climate change on the weather and we are just going to have to continue to live with that unpredictability and its consequences for the future. “Or perhaps God decided earthquakes and an active volcano on Madeira’s “ doorstep “ was enough to contend with for now!!!”

“Global heating” added to OED

The climate crisis has reached the Oxford English Dictionary as a series of eco-minded terms has been added to its pages. … It defines “global heating” as “often used in preference to global warming to convey more emphatically the seriousness of climate change caused by human activity and the urgent need to address it”

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  1. Good to have some educated insight Jaime! – makes a refreshing change from some of the blog rubbish that is google-translated without a thought of turning it into English.


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