€50m of escarpment repairs

Madeira Pride. RBL

JM headline escarpment repairs

JM leads with the headline that the Regional Government has completed projects worth €50 million, securing around 30 escarpments. The security that is being carried out was revealed to the newspaper by the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures during a visit to four cliffs in Santana, which will be repaired. 

Underwater photography: Portuguese Silver and Bronze

The Diario reports that Portugal won Silver and Bronze medals in the World Underwater Photography competition taking place over the last week in Porto Santo. A video of the awards ceremony can be found on Facebook here.

Another post replicated by the copyblog

Madeira Pride

RTP reports that the fifth edition of “Madeira Pride” took place yesterday in the Praca do Municipio. “The purpose of organizing the event is to raise awareness of the discrimination that exists in relation to the gay community on the island. Around 50 people of different sexes participated in the demonstration”. Video here.

Royal British Legion Annual Dinner

Sue Marloye-James has been in touch as usual to request that the blog publicises the forthcoming Royal British Legion Annual Dinner 100th Centenary Remembrance Luch at the Royal Savoy

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

Vaccinations in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

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      • This is a Madeira blog, not a Brexit or Tory blog.
        I am most certainly not against the 48%, and I feel sorry for most of the 100%.
        And do pay attention: according to your friends, “British” is out, “UK” is in.
        And please explain what do you mean with “either of these blogs”?
        Finally: Ve did not start zis war of words, YOU started it, when you accused ze Germans of using the expression “British variant” out of spite for Brexit – and later added many other insults.
        Too bad you missed out on having a laugh at the expense of gay people, as you pointed out a couple of posts earlier.


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