Two ISIS suspects arrested in Lisbon

“Evidence of joining an international terrorist organisation”

Judicial Police headquarters in Lisbon, where ISIS suspects were identified
Judicial Police headquarters in Lisbon

The Portugal News and press agency Lusa report that two foreign citizens were arrested in the Lisbon region on 1 September on suspicion of terrorism and links to the jihadist group ISIS/Daesh. Judicial Police (PJ) state they have evidence of the crimes of joining and supporting an international terrorist organisation, international terrorism, and crimes against humanity.

“The evidence gathered indicates that these two individuals have taken different positions in the structure of ISIS/Daesh, and they are also the object of investigation by the competent Iraqi judicial authorities”, says the press release from the PJ which also adds that for now there is no evidence that the crimes had been committed in Portugal.

The operation was conducted by the PJ’s National Counterterrorism Unit and also had the collaboration of the Central Department of Investigation and Criminal Action, the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) and, at an international level, with the support of Iraqi judicial authorities.

The arrests and searches also included the public prosecutor responsible for the investigation and elements of the criminal investigation and experts from the PJ’s Computer Technology Expertise Unit. The two foreign citizens suspected of being members of ISIS/Daesh have been detained and will now appear before a judge.

Thanks to PeterA for spotting the story.

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