Porto Santo hotels full

… until mid-October

Porto Santo hotels full 1

Regional President Miguel Albuquerque reassured the assembled this morning, on the sidelines of the inauguration of a gas station in Porto Santo, that the island’s economy is “running well” and that this summer, with hotels full, has helped the recovery.

Albuquerque recalled that the ‘Golden Island’ was visited by around 33,000 people during the month of August and that, at this moment, with hotels full until the second week of October the outlook remained good.

This is “a phase of recovery” which, in his opinion, should be encouraged by businessmen and investors so that we can continue to bet on economic growth. “Without economic growth, there is nothing to distribute,” he concluded.

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  1. Great to see Porto Santo doing so well, but they will have to try to stop the young party animals coming from Madeira during summer and spreading Covid like wildfire!


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