Porto Santo ferry numbers fall

Passenger numbers lowest for 22 years

Porto Santo ferry headline in Diario

The Diario leads today with the headline that the passenger numbers recorded on the Porto Santo ferry in the first eight months of this year were 100,000 fewer than 2019 – the last pre-pandemic year.

The figures are the worst for 22 years, with 2021 recording 346 fewer passengers than the same eight months in 2020. Losses are also recorded on the movement of goods and vehicles transported by the Porto Santo ferry.

“Alzheimer’s Unit in Ribeira Brava is unique”

JM reports that Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, speaking during the official opening yesterday, underlined that gratitude is extended to the entire team that knew how to transform the ‘Dragoeiro’ Alzheimer’s Unit into a centre of excellence.

Considering that people are very pessimistic, Miguel Albuquerque says the world has changed for the better. Now, he continued, success has made people live longer and have a host of degenerative diseases. In the opinion of the Madeiran Chief Executive, we have to be increasingly prepared to treat our most vulnerable citizens. After a visit to the Alzheimer’s Unit in Ribeira Brava, Albuquerque highlighted that the space is unique.

The history of the Alzheimer’s Unit began in 2014 with the acquisition of a property worth €250,000. It has since cost almost €2 million. The bishop of the Diocese hopes that units like this will emerge in other areas of Madeira. Ricardo Nascimento, president of the Chamber of Ribeira Brava, praised the work by the São Bento Parish and Social Center. This had a futuristic vision, as defended by the aedile. In an emotional speech, Ricardo Nascimento recalled that no one is free from Alzheimer’s disease and highlighted the importance of the centre for many Madeiran citizens. The work is the result of a joint effort, as highlighted by Ricardo Nascimento, who took advantage of Albuquerque’s visit to thank him for his patience with the appeals made.

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The ‘Dragoeiro’ Alzheimer’s Unit will have the functions of a Residential Establishment for the Elderly and an Inpatient Unit, as well as a Day Care Centre. The Residential Establishment for Elderly People and Inpatient Unit has a capacity for 18 users and will operate uninterruptedly, 24 hours a day. The Day Centre has a capacity for 45 users, with opening hours from Monday to Saturday, between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. In other words, 63 users in total.

The team at the Alzheimer’s Unit “Dragoeiro” will comprise 53 full-time and part-time employees, depending on the areas of activity. Among the collaborators will be a technical director (superior technician trained in the area of ​​social and human sciences), two psychologists, a gerontologist, a psychomotrician, a nutritionist (on a service basis), a nursing coordinator (part-time), five nurses and a doctor.

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  1. A drop of 346 passengers doesn’t seem too much when you consider what has been going on. Also, Porto Santo itself has had a lot of flights in directly and that has help boost that island.


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