Port of Funchal expansion back on

… with state funding?

JM headline about the port of Funchal

JM leads with the story that financing the works to expand the port of Funchal is once again a possibility, as stressed to JM Rogério Gouveia, in charge of Regional Finance. 

After the port of Funchal work was excluded from the PRR (the Regional recovery plan), the State may consider supporting the project following a meeting held between the Madeiran government official and the Portugues Minister for Planning, Nelson Souza.

… as Madeira takes state to court

The Diario reports at the same time that the Autonomous Region is taking Central Government to court in an attempt to get them to pay for medicines for the elements of the security and military forces based in the archipelago.

This is the first time the two entities have become involved in legal proceedings for 10 years.

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