Hikers take ridiculous risks

Safety completely ignored on Pico do Areeiro

Photo of hiker taking risks

JM observes that it is a case that confirms that accidents are often caused by the negligence of some of the hikers. The photo was given to the newspaper by the author and one of the eyewitnesses to an “adventure” that could have ended badly.

A few days ago, another foreign citizen died in the Levada do Furado, in Portela, after a fall. It was the second deadly case, after the fall of a French citizen on the 19th, now in the Levada das 25 Fontes, in Rabaçal.

This time, another tourist doesn’t seem to mind the previous tragedies and decided to risk crossing the path’s protective railings, apparently to take pictures and gather plants. The photo is circulating on social networks, where a hiker can be seen outside the main and duly protected walkway on the Vereda between Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo

In the image, the individual can be seen at the top of a ravine many metres high, without protection, inspecting the green mantle of plants. A metre or two up there is another female hiker on the veranda, still on the main walkway, with their bags scattered in a corner of the path.

Thanks to PeterA for the link.

Hikers take ridiculous risks 1

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  1. There is a water filled quarry not far from us fed by a spring. Alcohol fill youths gather on a rock to impress one another by diving off. A few years ago one drowned due to cold water shock, while his mates looked on, not realising he was in trouble. Less than a week later a youth from a nearby County, who had read about this accident comes to the quarry to do the exact same thing and guess what happens!

    This site already had warning signs and notices stating swimming and diving is prohibited, now yet more notices have been erected and the whole site has been fenced off, costing the authorities yet more money and meaning that sensible people can no longer enjoy the beautiful spot, picnic in a scenic location etc.

    Meanwhile, of course, these measures and increased police and warden patrols have not stopped the idiots, who continue to climb over the barriers and behave stupidly!


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