Careless tourists

President of the Legislative Assembly congratulates Ronaldo

Careless tourists headline in JM

Following up on the post here yesterday, JM leads today with a report that incidents in the mountains involving careless tourists are becoming regular.

This year alone two people have died and two others remain missing. Manuel Filipe, from the Forestry Institute, explained to JM the high number of accidents caused by the fact that visitors do not assess the risks and do not comply with safety rules.

President of the Legislative Assembly congratulates Ronaldo

The same newspaper reports that the President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Manuel Rodrigues, has congratulated Cristiano Ronaldo for the record of becoming the greatest goal scorer of all time.

In a press release sent to their newsroom yesterday, it is stated that this “is an achievement that ennobles the player and fills Madeira with pride”.

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“Ronaldo, to whom the Madeiran Parliament awarded the highest decoration in the Region, writes in gold letters one more page of his unforgettable history of successes in football”, the statement said.

To conclude: “On behalf of the people of Madeira and Porto Santo, which the Legislative Assembly is the direct representative, I address to this great Madeiran a vote of praise, thanking everything he has done to project the name of Madeira throughout the world”.

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4 thoughts on “Careless tourists”

  1. For those who didn’t see the article, there’s a photo of a narrow path that is right next to a sheer cliff with a guard rail.

    Standing inside the guard rail looking down is a 40-50? woman and on the path behind her there are two bag packs.

    Down from her – having climbed over the guard rail and moved down a bit on what looks like a combination of undergrowth and soil (a section that looks very steep and seems to go on for ever downwards) – there’s a similarly aged man who – the article says – seems to be picking some plants or flowers.

    [The article doesn’t say who took the photo. My guess is the path had curved round following the cliff and it was maybe someone from the same group (or the group leader) who didn’t stop at the point the couple did.]

    The point about some tourists being foolhardy is well illustrated by the photo.

    • Now that Covid is showing positive results and heading in the right direction, Madeira is faced with s new pandemic. And that being due to ??! possible senile??!!🤪irresponsible tourists visiting the island! Armed with super backpacks, super legs, super hiking boots who will tranporte them from one side of the ravine to the bottom in less than 60sec. By then rescue helicopters w super heroes paramedics on board have to risk their own lives to save the the lives of those idiots who apparently forgot to pack their brains in the rush to board their flight to the exotic Atlantic Island of Madeira for a well planned first holiday after Covid. Only to return !? or may be not!!!??? When will these people learn???


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