1st cruise ship on its way

MS Amera en route to Funchal

1st cruise ship - current position
September 30. 9:00 am

Regular contributor Jaime has been in touch to report that the 1st cruise ship expected in Madeira since Covid restrictions … Read more

Madeira wine promotions return

International promotions in China and US

madeira wine promo

JM reports that Madeira Wine is once again being promoted on various international stages of importance to the wine sector, such as China and … Read more

Vaccination update

380,000 vaccines administered in Madeira

Vaccination centre

JM reports that up to the 26th of September, 380,842 vaccinations against COVID-19 had been administered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, since the 31st … Read more

Taxi drivers guaranteed support

… to face the competition

Taxi drivers meeting the regional secretary

JM reports that the Regional Secretary for Economy guaranteed support for taxi drivers while speaking at the inauguration of the new headquarters of the TAXISRAM … Read more

Portugal supports France against AUKUS

Portugal “conveys solidarity” with France

Portugal supports France in opposition to Australian move on submarines

Press Agency Lusa reports that the Portuguese Foreign Minister has stated that he believes Australia has “broken commitments” with France, and that Portugal has already … Read more

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