Tuk-tuks recover

JM photo of a tuk-tuk

Today’s photographic highlight on the JM front page focuses on tuk-tuks. “Summer recovers ‘tuk-tuk’ in Funchal”. The newspaper reports that despite the tuk-tuk business relying heavily on cruises, businessmen in the sector regained optimism this summer.

Police investigate Swiss death

The police are already investigating the accident that caused the death of a Swiss citizen, who yesterday morning was waking the Levada do Furado, between Ribeiro Frio and Portela.

At the time, the rescue teams are already transporting the body to the Lamaceiros area, from where it would proceed to the Legal Medicine of the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, after the declaration of death by the Health Officer, who was expected on site.

Weather: warm and wet

The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, have extended their warning of hot weather possibly combined with precipitation through until 6:00 pm today. The same warning was in place yesterday.

Showers will be more frequent in the highlands in the afternoon., with a chance of thunderstorm in the same period. Wind will be generally light (up to 20 km/h) from the west. Maximum temperature of 28º and minimum of 22º.

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