Tourist rescued after fall

Fall at Chão da Ribeira

Picture of a resue after a fall

JM reports that a foreign woman who had a fall from a height of “five to eight meters” on a route not recommended was rescued late this Sunday afternoon and transported to Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital with serious injuries.

According to JM, the victim, aged around 50, was accompanied by her husband and two children, when she fell in the path of Feitas, a route not recommended that ends at Chão da Ribeira, in Seixal.

After a “very demanding” rescue, as defined by Artur Fernandes, commander of the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters, the woman was transported in a conscious condition by ambulance with cuts to her head and several bruises and abrasions.

In the operation, which required the use of detailed mountain rescue techniques, the local corporation, a rescue team from Madeira Volunteer Firefighters, two agents from the Porto Moniz PSP Squadron, and a specialist from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation. The Rapid Intervention Medical Team also went to meet the ambulance in support of the help of the woman who was due to return to her country of origin today.

Speaking to JM, Artur Fernandes alerts everyone who ‘adventures’ along non-recommended trails, this being the fifth person rescued this week only in his area of ​​intervention (São Vicente and Porto Moniz). The fire commander suggests the creation of an entity to manage the trails, levadas and paths in the region, so that more accidents that sometimes claim lives are avoided. “We have proven that we are a safe destination, now we have to end this nightmare”, he said.

Tourst dies on Levada do Risco

Tourist rescued after fall 1

Last week a 51-year-old French tourist who fell from Levada do Risco, in Rabaçal (pictured) and died. The fall happened at a dangerous section of the levada walk, when the French walker followed a guide from another group, and ended up falling from a considerable height.

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