New submarine cable inaugurated

Boost to data speeds in Madeira.

ellalink submarine cable

Considering that there is nothing newsworthy at the moment now that we have arrived at August 1, the blog must thank PeterA for an obscure link to the Macao News a little while ago, reporting that the EllaLink submarine cable, which connects Europe to Brazil and South America, has been inaugurated in the southern Portuguese port of Sines. One of its first stops will be in Madeira and will result in an even better internet connection on the island in future (already speeds of 200Mbps are available in some areas of Funchal that are fully cabled).

Launched under the Portuguese presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), which lasts until the end of June, the 6,000 km EllaLink is the first direct high-speed link submarine cable between Europe and South America.

The link is regarded as an essential infrastructure for the digital interconnection and data transmission between the two continents. The new 6,000 km hi-tech trans-Atlantic communications link has been described as a game-changer enhancing Portugal’s role in Europe.

New submarine cable inaugurated 1

According to the Expresso newspaper, the inauguration of EllaLink and another cable – Equiano – should guarantee an increase of 244 Tbps in the communication capacity allowed by submarine cables installed in Portugal.

According to Copenhagen Economics, the bandwidth provided by all submarine cables installed in Portugal could reach almost 400 Tbps in 2022, well above the current capacity, which is below 100 Tbps.

The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have already accelerated telecommuting, tele-schooling and other communications activities

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