New EU vaccine production sites

Pfizer and Moderna increase supply capacity in the EU

New EU vaccine production sites 1

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) yesterday authorized new manufacturing sites for the new coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech in France and Germany and Moderna in the US, which increases supply capacity in the European Union (EU)

The unit located in Saint Remy sur Avre, France, operated by Delpharm, will make the Pfizer product (branded as Comirnaty), which could deliver approximately 51 million additional doses in 2021, after passing the committee’s scrutiny of human medicines (CHMP) of the EMA.

A new production line was also approved at the BioNTech plant in the German city of Marburg (photo), which will allow it to increase the production capacity of active substances in the vaccine to around 410 million this year.

40 million additional Moderna vaccines for Europe

The CHMP also considered suitable for the manufacture of vaccines by Spikevax, the trade name for the product of Moderna, the factory located in the city of Bloomington, in the US state of Indiana, operated by the multinational Catalent, which manages other control and packaging points for the vaccine.

With the further expansion, announced in late July, of the production process of active substances at the two plants in the US, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the CHMP decision will allow the production of 40 million additional doses of Moderna for the European market during the third quarter of 2021.

New EU vaccine production sites 3

Authorization by the EMA in these cases does not require a decision by the European Commission, so these factories are now operational for the EU “immediately.”

500 million additional doses in 2021

The European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, welcomed, on the social network Twitter, the work of the EU to “expand the production capacity” of vaccines, hoping that it “continues without stopping”, and recalled that Brussels delivered six months ago “sufficient vaccines to immunize 70% of adults” and that today’s EMA decision will allow for “up to 500 million additional doses” in 2021.

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  1. Let me start by stating I am NOT an anti-vaxer. I have voluntarily taken the jab for Hep-C and Shingles and was fully vaccinated as a child 60 years ago for such things as Smallpox, Polio and diphtheria and never required a booster for these truly deadly and debilitating diseases.

    If you require a third booster after six months maybe these modern vaccines are not as wonderful as the mainstream media and big pharma would have you believe. I am sure the sheeple will line up for their semi-annual jab without question.

    According to what we are told once you are fully vaxxed the worst you can get is the common flu, so what’s with the masks for the fully vaxxed.


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