Measures renewed but curfew relaxed

“Third dose is the way forward”

President, who announced that curfew will be relaxed one hour

Madeira will renew the “state of calamity” at the next Governing Council, but relax the hours of curfew slightly to start at 2:00 am

The announcement was made yesterday afternoon by Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, who also said that the opening hours of establishments will be extended until one in the morning.

The curfew will start at two in the morning this coming Friday. Mandatory use of masks will be retained.

The president also commented that he saw a third dose of the vaccine as being the way forward.

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8 thoughts on “Measures renewed but curfew relaxed”

  1. Let me start by stating I am NOT an anti-vaxer. I have voluntarily taken the jab for Hep-C and Shingles and was fully vaccinated as a child 60 years ago for such things as Smallpox, Polio and diphtheria and never required a booster for these truly deadly and debilitating diseases.

    If you require a third booster after six months maybe these modern vaccines are not as wonderful as the mainstream media and big pharma would have you believe. I am sure the sheeple will line up for their semi-annual jab without question.

    According to what we are told once you are fully vaxxed the worst you can get is the common flu, so what’s with the masks for the fully vaxxed.

    Sheeple need to start using their critical thinking skills if they have them instead of relying on the mainstream media and big pharma for information.

    • good comment, after second jab who needs maskaras and for what reason???
      just ask one Q, why they open new mills eee.. labs to produce millions of doses of jabs, what for, do they know what we do not?

    • I have to say I wonder about your critical thinking skills! Yes, the vaccines were undoubtedly oversold by the Govt, (not the scientists) but those with critical thinking skills were fully aware of how new these vaccines were and, therefore, how little is known about the long term protection and benefits. The scientists are learning all the time.

      Having now done a follow-up survey, they know by when and how much the vaccines wane in protection. Clearly the vaccines have been wonderful as they have saved many lives, but they are not a miracle solution. Having had prolonged adverse reactions to both doses, I am not looking forward to a booster, but I would rather get that, than Covid, which can still do significant harm, even if you don’t get it too badly, and there is no guarantee that you won’t end up in hospital. Long Covid is a nasty condition.

      Another point you seem to be overlooking, is that the vaccine has kept people out of hospital, which is so important, with the waiting lists so long. If a third dose, plus continued sanitising, mask wearing (remember the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread) and distancing contributes to keeping more people out of hospital and leaving beds freer for those with other conditions, so much the better.

      That is why vaccines have been good and why other measures are still important.

  2. Not sure why the curfew should move to 1.00 – the biggest beneficiaries will be the youngsters congregating I the old town who are most likely to be spreading it around.

    • Precisely my thought the moment that I read about the change in closing time to 1am.

      We can fight about whether the new curfew time is 1am or 2am though as I thought it was the latter…

  3. Sheeple pining for a third jab while billions of people have not had their first, what happened to we are all in this together?

    I guess some lives are more important than others.


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