Madeira remains “green”

Few changes to UK “traffic light” ratings

Madeira remains "green" 1

Madeira, against most forecasts, remains on the UK green list despite predictions that it would move into the amber category after a recent acceleration in the number of positive cases identified on the island. The latest changes were announced late this afternoon, with the next revisions being due in three weeks’ time.

The Azores have joined Madeira on the green list. The Portuguese mainland remains in the amber category.

The Telegraph summarises the latest changes below:

  • Green additions: The Azores, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Lithuania
  • Red additions: Thailand and Montenegro
  • No amber list additions
  • Qantas plans for UK-Australia flights to restart in December
  • New short-haul subsidiary considered for British Airways
  • Just four in 1,000 fully jabbed holidaymakers testing positive for Covid 

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3 thoughts on “Madeira remains “green””

  1. Just as we hoped. The Azores move to Green BUT you have to stage through Amber Portugal to get there easily. Yrs, I know you could go via Funchal but it is a lot more fiddly that way.

  2. We are back in Madeira and happy to be here. It may be green for travel, but we have noticed a marked increase in traffic pollution, particularly from smokey diesel lorries and busses. Also the dust from the many construction sites means that wearing a mask is more for your environmental health than for covid.

    • Absolutely Onejagjohn !! Being myself Madeiran, I couldn’t agree more. Madeira as became a construction site completely…Capitalism has made its way through our beautifully landscape and luxury gardens. Hate construction workers. Why couldn’t they be at home making sculptures or something….}8=(

      But hey…welcome to Madeira!!! Keep the mask on!! Watch out for the hammers!!!!


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