Madeira is in no hurry to relax rules

Masks and curfew to remain

Madeira is in no hurry to relax rules 1
Pedro Ramos

Madeira is in no hurry to relax rules and do away with the curfew or the mask. Other countries have already done so and have had to go back. The Region does not intend to go back and wants to make informed decisions as the archipelago emerges from the pandemic.

The idea was transmitted yesterday afternoon to JM and TV station RTP by the regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection on the sidelines of a ceremony in honor of the Orthopedics team at Hospital de Santo António.

Pedro Ramos recalls that whilst there was resistance, in Europe, to the mandatory use of masks, Madeira had continued with the measure and did not regret it.

On the slowdown in vaccinations being administered at the moment, the secretary says that it is not about resistance or lack of vaccines, but about the fact that some professionals are on vacation, as well as the general population.

The Health Secretary maintains the vaccination rate at 85% remains the target of the authorities and adds that the Region is awaiting information on vaccination for children under 12 years of age.

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6 thoughts on “Madeira is in no hurry to relax rules”

  1. Maybe it’s ‘bull’ to you Johny but we older folk feel a lot safer with the rules as they are.
    It’s the main reason we came here. We love the Madeiran people and this marvelous island and we thank you for looking after us so well.

  2. In the Uk we have under Johnson gone backwards . 400 deaths a day and 36 000 infections . We have a foreign Government that simply does not care. So Madeira please carry on with restrictions and vaccination as I want you to be all there when I return.

  3. … Peter ,, Foreign Government ?? Sounds like the typical Cowardly Bigots Language + making up numbers ,, what a Sad Joke of a man you sound …


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