Bathing “inadvisable” at Doca do Cavacas

… due to microbiological contamination

Doca do cavacas-bathing-complex

JM reports that microbiological contamination has caused bathing at Doca do Cavacas to be deemed “inadvisable” until Friday.

As part of the regular control of the quality of bathing water in the Region, carried out by the Regional Directorate for Environment, the occurrence has been identified at Poças do Gomes beach – Doca do Cavacas, of microbiological contamination, whose parameters are above the limits defined by law, so this beach will be closed for bathing until Friday, when the result of the new samples collected is known.

The Regional Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change has already informed Funchal City Council of the situation at Doca do Cavacas

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  1. Presumably it is only referring to the rock pools of water and not the surrounding ocean. If so, I guess a factor is how often the tide is in/sea is rough enough to refresh the water? Or does it also refer to the beach to the West in front of the Pestana hotel?


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