Duck drama!

Still image showing young girl attempting to adopt two ducks!

Ribeira de João Gomes rescue – video

Yesterday afternoon an 18-year-old girl in a bikini was seen swimming in the sea at the mouth of Ribeira de João Gomes, in central Funchal, making her way up the stream to the vicinity of the Mercado dos Lavradores.

The reason, according to local reports, was two baby ducks that the girl wanted to ............ more

Tuk-tuks recover

JM photo of a tuk-tuk

Today’s photographic highlight on the JM front page focuses on tuk-tuks. “Summer recovers ‘tuk-tuk’ in Funchal”. The newspaper reports that despite the tuk-tuk business relying heavily on cruises, businessmen in the sector regained optimism this summer.

Police investigate Swiss death

The police ............ more

Madeira is in no hurry to relax rules

Pedro Ramos

Masks and curfew to remain

Madeira is in no hurry to relax rules and do away with the curfew or the mask. Other countries have already done so and have had to go back. The Region does not intend to go back and wants to make informed decisions as the archipelago emerges from the pandemic.

The idea was transmitted yesterday ............ more

COVID-19: time to stop getting stressed?

The mail, claiming that people get too stressed examining the figures, published its own findings including this pie chart

Coronavirus is no longer the biggest killer.

The Mail Online is asking the question “Is it time to stop obsessing over Covid figures? Their statistics reveal that coronavirus is NOT the biggest killer – with heart disease, dementia, and cancer each claiming four times as many lives in an average week last month.

The Covid dashboard ............ more

Calls to redevelop Pico do Facho

Pico do Facho viewpoint

“Emblematic” Machico viewpoint

JM reports that local politicians are calling for the rehabilitation of Pico do Facho, in Machico, proposing the “construction of a small bar and two rooms, a room more connected to traditional products and an exhibition room about events and the tradition of Fachos, allowing to improve the access, ............ more

Over 35,000 vaccines delivered

Vaccines being delivered

Madeira popular for foreign weddings

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up a report that another 35,100 vaccines from Pfizer arrived in the Region yesterday.

The doses will be stored at the SESARAM Pharmacy Service.

The arrival of vaccines thus allows the continuation of the ............ more

Azores happy with green list inclusion

View of the Azores

Mainland Portugal remains on UK yellow list

Açoriano Oriental Government of the Azores satisfied with inclusion in the “green list” of the United Kingdom

The Government of the Azores welcomed the inclusion of the archipelago in the “green list” for international travel from the United Kingdom, considering it to be the “recognition ............ more

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