Temperatures rise

Temperature exceeds 28 ºC

Temperatures rise 1

The Diario reports that extreme maximum air temperature in the network of meteorological stations in Madeira exceeded 28 ºC this summer yesterday in the Madeira Archipelago.

The highest record was found in the middle of this sunny afternoon in Funchal/Lido (photo). The south coast of Madeira was sunnier and warmer than the rest of the island, with 26.8 ºC being recorded at Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo, as blue skies prevailed, later giving way to cloudy skies on the first Saturday in July. On the north coast Porto Moniz, saw the maximum temperature reach a very warm 26.4 °C.

Porto Moniz also stood out for its tropical temperatures at night. At the beginning of July, two of the three nights were ‘tropical’ in the extreme northwestern village of Madeira. On the 1st of July, the air temperature until dawn remained above 20 degrees (20.1 ºC), and at dawn this Saturday, the milder values ​​of the air temperature were repeated with the minimum temperature remaining at 20.3 ºC.

Seawater temperature rises rapidly

Seawater in Funchal registered a significant mark of 23.6 degrees centigrade (ºC), according to the registration of the ondograph buoy located near the port of Funchal.

Even more surprising was the seawater temperature increasing by more than 2°C in just one hour. The ‘peak’ of the increase in seawater temperature occurred between 15 hours (21.5 ºC) and 16 hours (23.6 ºC).

This last value is not only the highest record this year in the Funchal sea, but it is significantly high in relation to the maximum temperature recorded last week, which was until today 22.1 ºC, recorded in the afternoon of the 27th and 28th of June, last Sunday and Monday.

The forecast shows little change to temperatures over the coming eight days – below is from The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA

Temperatures rise 3
The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, forecast

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  1. Spent a really pleasant week in Quinta do Monte a few years back while some friends burnt in the hotel area. Then it seemed that higher really was cooler. Not sure if it is still true?


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