Madeira has highest R rate in Portugal

New cases show increasing trend

Madeira, where the r rate is increasing

The Diario reports that Madeira is the region of the country with the highest effective reproduction number – R rate (also referred to as the R(t) rate in Portugal) – according to the latest status report on the evolution of the number of COVID-19 cases in Portugal, released yesterday by the National Health Laboratory Dr . Ricardo Jorge (INSA).

With reference to the period between the 14th and 18th of July, the Region has an R rate of 1.23. Unlike all regions of the continent, which in recent days have registered a slowdown in the increase in the number of new cases, in Madeira the figures have shown an increasing trend.

The average number of daily cases is now 42, with a 14-day rate on the order of 118.9. Nationally, the average R-rate for the same period was 1.07.

Lisbon/Vale do Tejo and the Algarve have an accumulated incidence rate of over 480 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; the North and Alentejo region had more than 240 cases and the Center region and the Azores had more than 120 cases.

Despite the numbers, Madeira continues to register the lowest cumulative incidence rate in the country, with less than 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Madeira has highest R rate in Portugal 1

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira

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8 thoughts on “Madeira has highest R rate in Portugal”

  1. Unlike the UK it will be true . The Indian virus is out of control here such that R rates are no longer published . According to Israel research and population tests Pfizer inoculations reduce rapidly with time . After 6 months they become ineffective to the delta virus , so keep people from the UK out or a lot will die or become permanently ill.

  2. According to UK Gov on 23 July the current R number for England is between 1.2 and 1.4 with a growth rate of between 4% and 6% per DAY. Taking mid range figures of R=1.3 and growth of 5% in one month the R number would be about R=6 … nonsense.
    This month we are told that the current R number has fallen from last months value, when they were quoting a +growth figure. How can that be?

    • The UK infection rates continue to drop. For example, these figures from the BBC:–

      The UK recorded 29,173 new cases on Sunday – down from 48,161 logged a week earlier on 18 July.

  3. sorry if im missing something, but how can this be correct

    ‘The average number of daily cases is now 42’

    given theres only been one day where it was 41 and the rest of the days are in the 20s.

    • Hi Me
      I don’t know, perhaps I’m missing something? The Gov claims the R number has fallen, if you believe that, while at the same time saying it is INCREASING by about 5% a day. I know these figures are estimates but they need to be sensible.

    • It is wrong as most of the information calculated by national authorities regarding Madeira.

      Madeira is systematically shown has having the worse R(t), incidence,whatever, of the country. But then its the ill from the mainland that have to be transferred to Madeira hospitals when theirs are overwhelmed.

  4. Peter. You sound like the grim reaper! Yes we’ll keep all the UK travellers from entering Madeira so all the locals can die from starvation instead. Viruses exist, they’ve always existed they will mutate as viruses do all the time but what are we to do? Close the world forever and wait for it to go away?? It won’t so get real, it’s here to stay so we just have to be sensible and get on with it

    • Jessica, ignore the doomsayers. According to them the bodies are piling up in the streets. They also rail against UK tourists but no other nationalities(a tad racist). You have the right attitude 👍


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