Fake tests identified at airport

Madeira finds tourists arriving with fake tests

Madeira Airport where fake tests have been identified

The Diario describes advanced information by Maurício Melim, Public Health Coordinator in Madeira to RTP-Madeira, stating that travellers arriving in Madeira have been detected with fake tests for COVID-19. According to information provided by RTP-Madeira, they use technology to tamper with the identity of the test.

“We have already noticed that there are tests that are false”, said Maurício Melim in the ‘Theme of the Week’ program on July 28th. These travelers arrive from several countries such as Venezuela and Brazil, passing through some countries in Europe.

The coordinator says that the police are investigating these cases and trying to dismantle any networks that may be operating.

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira

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  1. QUOTE:
    from several countries such as Venezuela and Brazil

    Can somebody tell me what “such as” means?
    If it merely means “and other countries”, why not name the other countries?
    Or does it mean countries ruled by red or brown fachists?
    Or just retarded counties?
    Of course, somebody could accuse me of being too woke.


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