COVID-19: new cases exceed recovered

JM new cases headline

Number of active cases grows in July

JM leads with the observation that, at least since March, the balance between new cases recorded in Madeira and those classified as recovered has not been so unfavourable. However, the month of July brought nearly 600 positive tests for COVID-19 while those recovered barely exceed 400. The latest ............ more

Fake tests identified at airport

Madeira Airport where fake tests have been identified

Madeira finds tourists arriving with fake tests

The Diario describes advanced information by Maurício Melim, Public Health Coordinator in Madeira to RTP-Madeira, stating that travellers arriving in Madeira have been detected with fake tests for COVID-19. According to information provided by RTP-Madeira, they use ............ more

Calamity continues to August 31

Qta Vigia, from where the announcement on the continued state of calamity was made

Restrictions to remain in place next month

JM reports that the Council of the Government of Madeira decided today to extend the state of “calamity” until 31 August and maintain health control measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are two of the deliberations contained in the text released by the Madeiran executive, a  ............ more

Cruise ships set to return

Cruise ships in Funchal bay

UK approves international cruises

The Telegraph reports that international cruises have been given the go-ahead by the UK Government for the first time in more than a year as part of a major reopening of Britain’s borders.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, announced on Wednesday that curbs on international cruises would be lifted ............ more

Street brawl in Câmara de Lobos

Street brawl in Câmara de Lobos - video

Police called as chairs thrown

JM reports that Câmara de Lobos was the scene of a street brawl yesterday.

As can be seen on a video, several people starred in the fight, causing great consternation and apprehension to those who were on the terrace of a cafe in front of the Municipal Market.

Chairs from the commercial establishment ............ more

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