Threat to “green list” status

Announcement “thrown into chaos”

Holiday Islands headline in the Mail after green list announcement
... or not?

The Times this morning reports that yesterday’s announcement about additions to the UK’s “green list”, including Madeira, may be rendered redundant by the actions of EU leaders led by Merkel and Macron. Actually, for “green list” read “green watch list” – a bit of fine print that went largely unnoticed at the time of yesterdays announcements – only Malta was placed on the truly green list, with all of the other additions, including Madeira moving to “watch list” status, meaning that their quarantine-free standing can be changed by the UK government on short notice – which still leaves some uncertainty on the part of potential visitors.

The Times reports that the announcement was thrown into chaos, however, when it emerged that the EU was planning to scrap quarantine-free holidays for British travellers. Leaders from the 27-nation bloc met in Brussels last night, promising to remain “vigilant and co-ordinated” to prevent the import of the Delta or Indian variant, that has taken hold in Britain after the UK government left travel to India open for far too long.

UK could be placed on EU red list

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, had called for EU states to quarantine arrivals from Britain to contain the latest variant, whilst France is preparing to put Britain on its own travel “red list”, meaning that even fully vaccinated tourists would have to isolate for seven days. President Macron backed Merkel’s call for a coordinated EU response to the Indian variant, saying: “We must remain vigilant because of the Delta variant. One of the issues of this discussion is to take truly coordinated decisions in terms of the opening of countries.”

Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium already bar non-essential travel from the UK and require Britons to quarantine. Italy and Poland have also announced their own isolation measures in recent days.

Portugal conceded that it would introduce new rules if agreed at EU level. António Costa, the Portuguese prime minister, said before the talks yesterday that Portugal would abide by EU decisions and that if the UK were declared a variant risk “there will not be an exception”. It is not clear at this point in time whether Madeira would have to fall in line with a Portugal-wide policy or whether it could go it alone and still welcome Brits without forcing them to quarantine.

The EU-wide quarantine restrictions could be introduced over the next week if, as expected, the EU designates Britain as a virus variant area of concern.

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira

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Vaccinations in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

30 thoughts on “Threat to “green list” status”

    • Sorry, not correct, Maurice. Portugal’s PM has said that he will conform to EU rules. These are not ‘demands’ by Mrs Merkel or Mr Macron, these are genuine concerns about the collective health of the people in the EU countries. But like we have seen all too often lately, the UK has adopted a very self-centered attitude – which is in line with the ‘leave’ philosophy – and could not care less about the people of countries they want to holiday in.

      • Why are you using insulting language to imply people of the UK don’t care about the country they are visiting?
        You are completely wrong and an apology should be forthcoming.

        • QUOTE from Monsieur Maurice: ……..have stuck two fingers up…….

          QUOTE from Ken: …….you using insulting language……

          Where should the apology come from?
          By the way, Peter did not mention the people of the UK, he mentioned “the UK” which obviously refers to the UK government.
          And I agree with that!

  1. I don’t understand the logic if uk tourists/residents flying directly to Madeira are Covid free on entry (pcr test) single/doubly vaccinated and or tested at source (isolate until negative arrives) surely this be one of the most robust Covid systems around, particularly as if a positive is found they would be forced into hotel isolation.

  2. I think anything reported in the Daily Express much like that in the Daily Mail should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, they are hardly real newspapers just gossip tabloids with their own political agenda that cherry pick and misrepresent the truth much more than ever reporting actual facts.

    • not in everything, MrsA. they have been allowed autonomy in some rules, but it remains to be seen what will happen if the decision to put the UK on the red list will be an EU wide one. Madeira will then need to abide if Portugal adopts the rule. We’ll see. With so many traditional holiday places not accessible to British holidaymakers, we have seen a different type of Brit come to Madeira. A second choice for them, no doubt, but the effect is that we now see bare-chested drunk British tourists crowding Funchal if you get the picture. They remind uncomfortably much of the British football hooligans crowding Porto without respecting any covid rule. I am sure many British tourists are well aware of the risk they bring to the nations they visit and behave accordingly, but there is a group that could not care less. We don’t need them to turn Madeira red.

  3. This is the reality of the situation as reported in todays Daily Telegraph, a real newspaper!

    ‘Britain is currently testing 10 times as many people as Germany at a rate of 14.52 per 1,000 people compared to 1.4 per 1,000.Likewise, France is only carrying out 3.84 tests per 1,000, while it is 1.98 in Spain, 2.3 in Switzerland, 2.21 in Sweden and 3.11 in Italy.
    Although it is clear that cases are indeed rising in Britain, it is inevitable that mass testing – and particularly surge testing in hotspot areas – will pick up far more cases, skewing our position in the European league tables.
    While mass testing is vital to get a handle on outbreaks, allowing test and trace measures to help suppress the virus, it also means the UK faces being punished abroad for doing the right thing.’
    Britain is averaging about a million tests a day at present. Out of that we are finding about 10,000 cases a day – once the false positives have been removed and cases averaged over seven days. In contrast, Germany recorded just 1,136 cases on June 23, but tested 10 times fewer people.
    We might expect that the proportion of people testing positive would not change on a given day if more or fewer tests were carried out. This supposes that if we cut our own testing down to Germany’s levels we would be seeing around 1,000 cases a day.
    Likewise, France recorded 2,320 cases on Tuesday but is carrying out nearly four times fewer tests. If we assume the case rate would stay the same with more testing, increasing it would bring the country not far away from British figures.
    In Spain, some 4,341 cases were detected on the same day, but it could be argued the country would be picking up 30,000 cases a day if operating on British testing levels.

      • A most peculiar type of logic indeed.

        it is inevitable that mass testing – and particularly surge testing in hotspot areas – will pick up far more cases, skewing our position in the European league tables.

        I thought we were talking about % of positive tests???

    • A key point to note about the Delta variant is that it is only really spreading amongst the younger un-vaccinated sector of the population. Those people who have had two jabs are NOT suffering from it. One reason why it is spreading so easily amongst the young is that the symptoms are much like hay-fever I.e. sneezing and a runny nose, symptoms that do not occur with the other variants. Consequently, people do not realise that they have it assuming hay-fever then go and mix with their family & friends. So, whilst infection figures are surging this surge should be short-lived. The full opening up of the UK has been put back a month to enable as many people aged 18 up to get vaccinated. Despite the apparent surge in infections there have been far fewer deaths and people needing hospitalization. Also, those that do need to go to hospital need much less time to recover due to the variety of treatments now being used.

      So for goodness sakes will people stop panicking! The situation is not as bad as some doomsayers are reporting. All people need do is stick to getting their jabs, social distancing etc. The end of the world is not nigh. Despite all the rhetoric coming out of Europe we Brits are not public enemy No1

  4. Looking at it states:–

    “Updated:24 June 2021Latest update:

    From 4am on Wednesday 30 June Madeira will move to the green list for entering England. Check what you must do to enter England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. (‘Summary’ page)”

    No mention of being on a Watch list.

  5. Prior to mid May Madeira had been “going it alone” allowing in EU tourists contrary to Mainland Portugal regulations, who due to the high incidence rate in Europe had put an “essential travel only” ban on many EU residents predominantly Germany, France and the Netherlands.

    I would guess that, given the success of the vaccination rollout, the majority of UK visitors coming to Madeira will be double vaccinated and also the Madeira Safe test track and trace system is robust enough to deal with those who are not as PCR testing is set to continue and could continue even beyond July for the British who have not completed full vaccination status .

    Given the above precedent there seems no reason for Madeira not to go it alone once again but it remains to be seen whether political pressure wins out.

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  7. … Peter ?? ,, I think the only “Bare chested Drunk” IS YOU sat there tinkering with your laptop and Spouting Absolute Nonsense !!!! …

  8. “Bare chested Drunk” hmm ,I read a few years back that Hens& Stags were also invading Madeira causing havoc.
    I have never at anytime seen such behaviour!.


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