Return of quarantine-free holidays abroad, but …

… only for the fully vaccinated.

Portugal, where holidays could open up again

The Telegraph this morning has the headline that double-jabbed tourists could be allowed to holiday in amber list countries without quarantining upon return under new government plans.

Summer holidays abroad will be opened up for vaccinated Britons under plans being considered by the Government, newspaper understands.

Officials are drawing up proposals that could allow people who have had both Covid jabs to avoid having to quarantine on their return from amber list countries, although they will still have to be tested when they get back.

Change would make amber countries green for UK holidaymakers

The change would effectively turn amber countries green for the vaccinated, opening up the possibility of quarantine-free travel to most major holiday destinations in Europe and the US, including Portugal after its “downgrade”. That is, of course, provided Portugal is not moved to “red” – see the previous post – although they couldn’t conceivably continue to bracket Madeira with the mainland if this happened.

The proposals to ease the restrictions for vaccinated people are, according to the newspaper, said to be at an early stage. Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, who has fought for tough border restrictions, is said to be “open” to the change, although he will have other things on his mind at the moment after Dominic Cummings’ revelation of rather expilict messages from Boris Johnson.

“They haven’t definitely got there yet, but that’s the direction of travel,” a senior source told The Telegraph. Officials are apparently still working on whether any new regime would be limited to returning Britons or apply to all arrivals, what exemptions there could be for those who could not be vaccinated, and whether children under 18 should be exempted given that they will not have been jabbed by July 19.

“It is still at an early stage and it is not clear whether it will be worked out in time for the end of the month. There is an awful lot to do. The devil is in the detail,” said a source.

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12 thoughts on “Return of quarantine-free holidays abroad, but …”

  1. Re: ” although they couldn’t conceivably continue to bracket Madeira with the mainland if this happened.”

    They have done so consistently in the past and seem quite likely to do so again.

    (”They” are of course not the only country to have done so)

  2. I think you stopped just 1 paragraph too soon Admin though I understand it was an opportune place to cut a fairly lengthy article which is well worth reading in full. That paragraph reads :-

    “A government spokesman said: “Recognising the strong strategic rationale and success of the vaccine programme, we have commenced work to consider the role of vaccinations in shaping a different set of health and testing measures for inbound travel.”

    As it was stated in Monday’s Downing Street Briefing that the Vaccines have been ” Spectacularly Successful ” against the Alpha and Delta variants the above statement is indeed timely given that Jet2’s CEO reportedly says they have suspended their restart of operations due to the high cost of testing and the restrictions of self isolating for families wanting to go on holiday, we can only hope that, perhaps persuaded by G7 discussions, the UK decides to join the “rest of the world” in allowing fully vaccinated persons to travel once again without ” Let or Hinderance” as stated on the inside cover of our passports!!

  3. Already some have got hold of this story and are posting that this scenario is definite! I have had to tell them no, it is not yet fact and is still under consideration.


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