Portugal to issue Covid certificates this week

Available online in digital format

Digital Covid certificate

JM’ in its national edition, reports that the Covid certificates, which should start being issued in Portugal this week, are free, issued in digital format, and can be consulted on the SNS 24 portal, on the SNS mobile application, or sent by email to the holder. This is according to guidance published on Tuesday by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), certificates can be used in all member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

The EU digital Covid certificate, which proves (negative) testing, vaccination, or recovery of COVID-19, “will also be open to comparable initiatives that are being developed by third countries or international organizations”, says the DGS.

The health authority explains, however, that the certificate “may not exempt the respective holders, depending on the worsening of the epidemiological situation, from complying with additional public health measures upon arrival in the Member State of destination of the trip”.

The document has a QR code with the essential data needed and which is used “to securely verify the authenticity, integrity and validity of the certificate”, reminds the health authority, adding that the document will have information such as “the name, the date of birth, the date of issue and pertinent information about vaccination, testing or recovery”.

“Personal data is included in the respective Certificate, in accordance with the provisions of the EU COVID Digital Certificate Regulation”, adds the DGS, ensuring that all data relating to the health of the certificate holder are kept in the National Service’s databases of Health that issued the document.

DGS guidance describes that there are three types of EU covid-19 digital certificate – vaccination, testing and recovery.

The vaccination certificate, which can be issued automatically or requested by the holder with the information contained in the VACCINE system, is issued after the administration of each dose of vaccines against covid-19 and indicates whether the vaccination schedule is complete.

For those who have recovered from the disease, the scheme is considered complete after administering a dose of vaccine, in vaccines with a scheme of two doses, informs the DGS.

The test certificate is issued after notification to the National Epidemiological Surveillance System (SINAVE) of a negative result in PCR tests and rapid molecular tests. Results are valid for 72 hours from date and time of collection.

The digital certificate of recovery, according to the DGS guidance, is issued between 11 and 180 days after a laboratory test that confirmed the diagnosis of infection by SARS-CoV-2, to people with the “cured” status on the platform ‘ Trace-COVID-19’.

This document is issued at the request of the holder with the information contained in the ‘Trace-COVID-19’ information system.

According to press agency Lusa on Sunday, a government source in Portugal said the first covid-19 digital certificates for national citizens should start being issued in the middle of this week.

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11 thoughts on “Portugal to issue Covid certificates this week”

  1. We have the problem that we are fully vaccinated here on Madeira but we do not have an Utente number. So we went to the centro de saude in Estrella da Calheta and received a paper document called Vaccine declaration against Covid-19. It states my name date of birth etc and the description of the 2 doses and the dates of vaccination. It aslo gives a QR code. Problem is that this QR code only works when you have a no de Utente. So 2 weeks ago we went there again to inform ourselves what the solution for us would be to get that digital vaccination thing. Panic in the Centro de Saude. Numerous telephone calls all over the island with the conclusion : they didn’t think about that. So now they are finding a solution as we can only get this digital vaccination card in Portugal as we were vaccinated here. Next week we have to pay them another visit because we really need it as we cannot get in The Netherlands with our Portuguese vaccinations. When I have more information I will post it here.

  2. It’s not obvious how we can get it though. We have been fully vaccinated here, but the paper proof of vaccination issued by the SESARAM still renders an error when scanning it. We have already seen the Centro de Saúde people in Estrela da Calheta, the council where we own our house, but the fact that we are no permanent residents complicates stuff. They made ‘a case’ out of our situation, as they understood (after some persuasion from our side) that we won’t be the only ones with this issue. We will follow things closely. To be continued.

    • Thanks for your usual input Peter/Noud. I was told that with your paper “card” from the two vaccinations you could go to your local Centro de Saude and request a translated endorsed certificate if required. I know this is not perfect, but might be the best route for somebody wanting to get one quickly in the right language (would an English version be accepted in the Netherlands?).

      • Hi Peter,, Yes we have that already and our yellow WHO booklet filled out to the nines, but on that paper is a also a qr code. If you scan that you get “error ‘ By scanning and logging in that qr code is the gateway to the digital European one.

  3. Have a similar problem with documentation, received the first shot in Germany, the second in Funchal (thank you Portugal!). Nurse filled the Portuguese paper card with data of both the jabs, when asked to add the 2nd vaccination details into the WHO Vaccination Pass, she denied and sent me to the Centro de Saude. Spent an hour there at 4 different counters, nobody could help, so I gave up.
    I have now a valid Portuguese pass but an uncomplete international pass. But hope is on its way, since Monday the German pharmacists can issue a vaccination certificate, a digital code will follow and you load this into an app, hopefully soon to be acctepted all over Europe. Friendly pharmacist assured that this will work with my vaccination docs.

    • sorry Chris but I think it will not work as the Batch-numbers of your German vaccination is not recognized here in Portugal and vise versa… That’s almost the same problem we have:

  4. Vaccine certificates for travel only matter of time as covid spreads they will scrap that idea everyone will be required to test safest way possible to travel for all.


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