Portugal to have “Green List” status removed

Madeira included in move to “Amber List” according to early reports.

Portugal "green list" blog post earlier today

The BBC is reporting “live” this afternoon, prior to the final announcement by the UK Government, as news of the revised “green list” begins to leak badly:

  • Portugal is set to be moved from England’s green travel list to amber – meaning that people can only travel there for essential reasons – the BBC understands. There was no indication if Madeira will be included within “Portugal”, or if returning visitors will have to quarantine for 10 days on their return and pay for two PCR tests.
  • It looks likely that no new countries will be added to the green list when the latest update is confirmed later this afternoon
  • It is expected more countries will be added to the red list, which should only be visited in extreme circumstances and/or by very wealthy people who like staying in hotels

There is some symmetry here, with English holidaymakers being allowed back into Portugal, two UK football teams being allowed to play the Champions League final in Porto with 16,500 English supporters attending, infection rates rising subsequently in Portugal, presumably including the Indian variant, and then the UK removing Portugal from its “green list” after just over two weeks!

It will mean there are just 11 countries or territories on the green list of which only Iceland and Gibraltar are viable holiday destinations. Not sure how big the beaches are in Gibralter!

According to the Telegraph online, “the amber rating includes Portugal’s popular islands of the Azores and Madeira”. Hopes that the Balearics or Greek islands could be added are also scuppered. The same newspaper says that the changes will come into effect on June 8 at 4:00 am.

Two flights from the UK brought 400 Brits to Madeira from London and Bristol today. Four more are due tomorrow (2 from LGW, plus Manchester and Birmingham) representing 700 seats. Bad news for those planning on staying for more than a few days!

Nepal variant a factor in Portugal’s removal from green list?

The Daily Mail later reported that

“Holidaymakers faced a hammer blow today as Portugal was removed from the UK’s green list amid fears over the spread of the Nepal variant. In a brutal overhaul, MailOnline understands that the only major holiday destination in the lowest bracket is being axed – with sources suggesting the new strain identified in the country was a significant factor in the decision”

Official confirmation:

Portugal to have "Green List" status removed 1
Portugal to have "Green List" status removed 3

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found on an earlier post

Vaccinations in Madeira: updates can be found on an earlier post.

13 thoughts on “Portugal to have “Green List” status removed”

    • Correct Ken. This has not been managed well. How come the story was on here at 2.00 when the announcement was not supposed to be made until 5pm.

  1. Madeira should stay “Green” but I expect it is because of the high number of daily flights from Lisbon & Porto that it has been lumped in with the mainland.

    • I think not, Maurice. The UK (but other countries are not much better I’m afraid) could not care less about flights between parts of the Portuguese territory. I think they don’t know and aren’t interested. The only thing you can do to make them see their error is to make a lot of waves. It’s easiest for the UK officials to not differentiate between the mainland and the autonomous regions. Perish the thought they’d actually have to work to find out. I’ve had to make a lot of noise (and fortunately I wasn’t alone) in telling the Dutch government they were using the wrong figures for Madeira. Jeez. Governments. They only are there for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the ones who pay their salary. I’m working on an article about how bureaucracy f*cks up a vaccination scheme that was very good. Give me a couple of days. So bl**dy angry that officials simply do not care about people. They care about themselves.

  2. Being Amber will not stop tourists but it will mean they have to quarantine at home when returning. I agree with Ken, it is a complete farce the way this is being handled. Only going to ‘Red’ status will stop us coming to Madeira this year.

  3. Well it will stop tourists, you only have to look at the recent surge in bookings to Portugal and Madeira due to its being on the green list to realise that. Now its lumped in with France spain Greece etc it’s back to the competition between amber list countries.

  4. What a complete shambles – I thought the idea was to use a “watch list” in order that people returned in an orderly manner – we seem to have created the same rush back to the UK

  5. Between £120-£135 for test on day 2 and 8 to be paid in advance before arriving in UK with 10 days quarantine from day of arrival or return!

  6. Whilst many of us would not be put off or change our plans by Madeira now being placed on the Amber list and having to self isolate when returning to the UK –
    the problem will be, as this post infers, the FCDO Travel Advice which next week will no doubt change to only allow travel ” for essential reasons ” which of course does not include holidays.

    At that point Airlines may have no alternative but to cancel all flights to the Island as they did earlier this year.

    If the Politicians only answer to every new variant ( or Scariant as Ryanair’s CEO has dubbed them ) that appears is to order “retreat to the bunker” then what was the point of the vaccination programme? especially as the ONS has now disclosed that 40% of recently attributed covid deaths were actually other causes.

    The Prime Minister is reportedly influenced by Winston Churchill – the beaches of the Algarve could have been his ” D Day ” in the war against covid instead it has turned out to be another ” Dunkirk “


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