Plane accident in Porto Santo

Runway closed but no casualties

Plane accident in Porto Santo

FN is reporting that there was a plane accident this afternoon, although not serious, at Porto Santo airport, with a C295 aircraft that, upon landing, ended up destroying the landing gear, which supposedly did not leave as it should, becoming immobilized on the runway.

The runway, for some time, was unusable. Fortunately, there were no personal injuries to be regretted with the plane accident. The photos are by the photographer Pedro Menezes, based in Porto Santo, who shared them on his Facebook page and to whom we give due credit.

Later, with the assistance of two cranes, the runway was cleared and the F-16 fighters that came to the archipelago to partipate in the Portugal Day celebrations were able to return to their base on the mainland

Replication is an even more sincere form of flattery

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  1. If you park your car up for twelve months, is it in same condition when you come back and try and start it!!! No.
    The representatives of UK air plane operators have partitioned UK government for what they refer to as ” air plane furlough” specifically stating its for ” plane maitenance” this is a military plane but as an ex RAF airman, its something that’s been running round my head for sometime, planes are booked in for engine out and overhauled at given hours flying, not when they breakdown, but what about ” not flying” and where is the capacity in the maintenance system to deal with the volumes if they all need to be serviced prior to flying again!!!


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