Dentists applaud Ronaldo

Coca-Cola snub could have “repercussions for the health of millions of children and young people”

Ronaldo, who was thanked by dentists

Dentists thank Ronaldo: JM’s mainland edition reports that the president of the Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas believes that Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture of rejecting the consumption of Coca-Cola at a press conference could have “repercussions for the health of millions of children and young people”.

Through a statement sent to the newsrooms, Miguel Pavão thanked the Portuguese player for his gesture, believing that “it could have repercussions for the health of millions of children and young people”.

“Sweetened drinks are consumed in excess by younger generations, namely children, causing numerous associated diseases such as obesity, diabetes and oral problems”, recalls Miguel Pavão, noting that Coca-Cola “has a higher budget to the World Health Organization (WHO)”. “So, showing the negative impact on health of these sugary drinks is very difficult, due to the huge investment they make in advertising, which is why gestures such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s are so important, I hope that the captain of our team will continue this awareness of healthy lifestyles, including daily toothbrushing”, says the official.

Finally, Miguel Pavão, who sent a letter of thanks to CR7, also launches a challenge to the captain of the Portuguese team: “so that he continues to appeal to good healthy habits, including daily brushing”.

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5 thoughts on “Dentists applaud Ronaldo”

  1. Nice of the dentists to applaud Ronaldo but sadly, I doubt his gesture will have any serious impact on the volumes of sweet fizzy drinks that are consumed.


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