Denmark imports 1st Delta case from Portugal

Delta variant spreads

Copenhagen, Denmark

Following up on the post reporting that Germany had placed Portugal, including Madeira, on their “red list” of countries where 14-day quarantine is required upon return, it has emerged that Denmark has identified its first instance of the Delta variant, considered more infectious than the original. This is a passenger who arrived in the country by plane from Portugal yesterday.

Anybody with an interest in the recovery in the tourist economy in Madeira will hope that any other European country adding Portugal to their red list will check an atlas first and not include Madeira with the rest of the country

Passengers who travelled with the individual on board the plane to Denmark will now be contacted and alerted to remain in isolation until it is clear whether or not they are infected. So far, none of these people have tested positive for the variant in question, according to the statement from the authorities in Denmark.

Mainland: Delta cases spread

Reuters reported yesterday that over 70% of coronavirus cases in the Lisbon area are now of the more contagious Delta variant, which is quickly spreading to other parts of the country, as authorities scramble to stop a worrying rise in infections.

The national health institute, Ricardo Jorge, said in its report on Friday that the Delta variant currently represented 51% of cases in mainland Portugal, showing the variant is “spreading rapidly” as happened in Britain. New coronavirus cases rose by 1,604 on Friday, the biggest jump since February 19. Portugal has recorded 871,483 cases and 17,081 deaths since the pandemic began.

Reuters observe that most new cases are still concentrated in the populous Lisbon region, the southern Algarve region, famous for its beaches and golf courses, has the highest COVID-19 reproduction “R” number of 1.34, according to the health institute report.

Thanks to Peter A for the Denmark story.

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  1. It’s hardly surprising when idiot politicians encouraged thousands of young male unvaccinated Brits to take the virus to Portugal for the football finals between two English teams when the match could easily have been held at Wembley . Sheer madness.

    • You can’t blame unvaccinated people for your governments bullshit they must of all had covid tests to travel for the game or maybe not if vaccinated ? Now stop talking rubbish.

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