COVID-19: Just one case!

End of May sees just a single daily case.

Just one vase exclamation mark

According to the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE in Madeira, the Region recorded just one case of COVID-19 on May 31 – a single case of local transmission.

The region has now counted 9461 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. There are also 16 more recovered cases to report, taking the total to 9211 cases recovered from COVID-19. To date, the region accounts for a total of 72 deaths associated with COVID-19.

There are currently 178 active cases, of which 11 are imported cases and 167 are locally transmitted. Regarding the isolation of active cases, 7 people are hospitalized at the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital (5 people in Multipurpose Units and 2 in the Intensive Care Unit dedicated to COVID-19) and 11 people are in isolation at a dedicated hotel unit, with the rest remaining in their own accommodation.

Update June 1:

Today, nine new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection are reported in the Region. There are 4 imported cases – one from South Africa and three from the northern region of mainland Portugal- and 5 cases of local transmission. There are another 16 recovered cases reported.

Update June 2:

Today sees 8 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported. These are 3 imported cases (1 from South Africa, 1 from France and 1 from the Lisbon/Vale do Tejo region) and 5 cases of local transmission. There are also 18 more recovered cases.

Update June 3:

The Regional Directorate of Health reports today 8 more new cases of infection by SARS-CoV-2 in the Region. These are 1 case imported from Slovenia and 7 cases of local transmission. There are also 19 more recovered cases registered.

Update June 4:

Madeira registered 7 new cases this Friday and 17 recovered cases.

Update June 5:

Today sees three new cases of covid-19 in Madeira. There are now 127 active cases, after 16 more cases recovered.

Update June 6:

As yesterday, there are three new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection recorded in the Region in the previous 24 hours. In addition, there are 12 new ones recovered. At the moment, 118 active cases, of which 12 are imported. 

Update June 7:

Today sees four new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection and 14 recovered.

Update June 8:

Madeira currently has another four positive cases of COVID-19. This is one case imported from the Lisbon/Vale do Tejo region and 3 cases of local transmission As for recovered cases, there are 15 more registered today.

Update June 9:

Madeira today registers 4 new positive cases, the same number as yesterday. Unusually these include 3 imported cases (1 from Russia, 1 from Sri Lanka and 1 from the North Region) and 1 case of local transmission. In relation to recovered, there are 9 cases to report.

Update June 10:

Madeira today announced just three new cases of COVID-19, two of local transmission and one imported from the Central Region. There are another 17 recovered leaving the Region with 78 active cases of the disease

Update June 11:

Madeira today registered 7 new cases of COVID-19 and 11 recovered cases.

The graphic below is from the Diario and shows the total number of active cases of COVID-19 each day since the start of the year. The progress of the vaccination program is also now tracked:

COVID-19: Just one case! 1

A new tab has been added to the top of each page with a link to resources dealing with COVID-19 in Madeira – this covers the latest government regulations on travel to the island, how to get a PCR test, and many other links that will be useful to people wanting to travel to and from Madeira

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Vaccinations in Madeira: updates can be found on an earlier post.

8 thoughts on “COVID-19: Just one case!”

  1. Have just spent a short time looking on the Marina & Ritz webcams and have seen so many obvious tourists not wearing masks around the CR7 museum and on Av Arriaga! Surely they were told upon arrival of the rules and the hotels would have told them.

    Whilst I am not an advocate for wearing masks outside, the rules in Madeira are quite clear on this.

    • Well I dont intend to walk along the streets wearing a mask in the heat! I shall (as I thought the rules stated); do so in congested pedestrian areas but I believe it to be pointless merely walking along a street into town for example, with no one around.

    • With Portugal in effect the only tourist destination available to people from the UK, could Madeira be getting a lot of people who normally wouldn’t visit Madeira?

      Hopefully by the time the winter months come it will be back to the normal crowd.

  2. Does anyone know what rules are in terms of the pre testing and testing before you leave Madeira. We are due to fly out at the end of July with two girls aged 14 and 16. My wife and I have received both vaccinations. Can’t get any information from Jet2 at this point as there holidays do not start again until 24th June. Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

    • Trevor, persons having had the two vaccinations more than 15 days before flying to Madeira do not need to have a pcr test before flying to or upon arrival at CR7. I suspect your daughters will need a pcr test upon arrival and will have to quarantine for up to 12 hours until the results arrive.

      All four of you need to register and fill in all your details on website the 2 adults need to upload proof of vaccination in advance — you can get this from the NHS app. All 4 of you need separate email addresses and preferably different phone numbers. Look on the Covid in Madeira page for Peter Groen’s large article on this topic.

      Now as for flying back to the UK, again all 4 need to fill in the Passenger Locator form online on the site. You need a test a coup,e of days before flying. An antigen test is sufficient and can cost around €15 You will need to get pcr tested 2 days after arriving back in the UK.

      Take a look at all the articles on the Covid in Madeira page ⬆️⬆️ get print outs of everything to help save time.

      You are going in July by which time things will have changed so keep checking on this blog. Check this site:–

      Regularly check —

      There are Facebook groups to follow too. I am sure your daughters are on there 🤣🤣 look for “This is Madeira Island ” and “Madeira Island for Travellers”


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