Taxi unrest in Funchal

Taxis call for more allocated spaces

Taxis in Funchal

The Diario reports that the taxi drivers organisation TaxisRam management says it does not understand the justifications given by the City Council of the Municipality by refusing to create more taxi ranks in the Funchal, pointing out the existence of “473 taxis for only 220 available seats”.

The request was made to the Funchal municipality to, among others to create a square near the restaurant ‘O Barqueiro’ in the Centromar area above Doca do Cavacas. The council responds that 400 metres from the desired location there is a square with two seats and 600 metres from the Praça da Estrada Monumental, on the opposite side to the Madeira Forum. It also stresses that in the desired area there are 11 charged parking spaces with high turnover and greater demand than the offer.

“We know that these squares exist, but it doesn’t make any sense because it is too far for people [customers]”, counters Paulo Pereira, director of the institution. TaxisRam also wanted a square to be installed on Avenida do Infante, and the City Council indicates that in Largo António Nobre already has one, so it considers that the introduction of another square is not justified by the fact that the existing rotating parking offer is available, in front of the Hotel Savoy, serve the various commercial spaces.

Paulo Pereira disagrees stressing that, when passers-by “leave the hotel, they cannot see any square and do not even know where a square exists, since it is very far from the hotel and they do not even have visibility of that same square because it is hidden from the hotel’s view”.
Finally, the creation of a square next to the private hospital, as was the wish of TaxisRam. Now, the mobility and transit division realizes that these introductions are already implemented.

For all this, the outburst comes out in a way of regret: “We feel abandoned by this (Funchal) Chamber”.

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6 thoughts on “Taxi unrest in Funchal”

  1. They certainly need PARKING SPACES there are far too many and all they do is sit in a queue for hours, get a 5 euro fare and go to back of queue!!! Start all over again.

    • They charge 40 euros per trip and often don’t use the meter. They just need to make two trips to make a decent living. The government needs to restrict their parking, and encourage free competition from Uber and Lyft.

      • Uber and lyft skim too much from their drivers. But an alternate mobile based competing platform designed to be fair to drivers would be a good modern answer.

  2. Taxis coming with more demands after “they” managed to get rid of Uber. What a shame in my opinion! It’s as if we’re going backwards in time. Tourism wants to promote Madeira as a modern, digital destination by trying to get more digital nomads here but then they do a move like this. I believe digital nomads would use more Uber services than taxis. They should have been given the chance to survive. Taxis are always arranging reasons for “unrests”, whether it’s with Uber, tuc-tucs, other means of transportation or parking…

  3. I agree with the replies here that tacos waiting in line, taking up parking spaces, is an antique notion that cannot be sustained. But I also have sympathy for the taxi drivers plight. Uber and lyft are notorious for taking to much of the gate and not leaving enough for the driver.

    I would propose the govt negotiate with uber and lyft to get a better rate for drivers. There are dozens of competing companies to negotiate with.

    Or build your own taxi hailing mobile app.

    These jobs are bound to disappear as self driving vehicles arrive. There needs to be a transition plan in place to support displaced jobs, and divert new drivers towards other jobs.

  4. … Some Wild comments on this ?? ,, “Taxis always charge 40€ (totally made up and untrue)!! ,, Digital Nomads can’t figure out how to find a taxi without looking at a screen ?? ,, and the best one “Self Drive cars in Madeira (Wow)!! …


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