Portugal tipped to be on UK “green list”

Portugal among favourites for initial “green list”

Lisbon, with Portugal expected to be on green list

With the release date for the “green list” being just next week, and the possible return of international travel a week later on May 17, a lot of the British newspapers have been guessing which countries will be included in the first batch of quarantine-free destinations.

According to the Independent, Portugal, Malta, Gibraltar, Iceland, and Finland are all expected to be on the “green list” when international leisure travel restarts on 17 May, according to a travel expert. Most of the rest of Europe is predicted to be amber when the UK’s traffic light system goes live, said Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy the PC Agency. In a series of tweets, he outlined which 24 countries were looking likely to be declared green right from the off, “based on vaccine rates, infection rates, evidence of variants and data quality”.

The Telegraph believes Portugal should be the first country on the UK’s ‘green list’: “With a plummeting case rate and barely any deaths, it’s time for the UK Government to give the green light for Portuguese holidays. One would forgive Portugal’s reluctance to raise a glass to this week’s musings that the country is a shoe-in to make the Government’s ‘green list’ when the curtain is finally raised on the Governments “traffic light” system”.

The Sun reports that Portugal and Malta are likely to be the few destinations in Europe to be added to the UK’s “green list” next month, according to experts.

The Express quotes the same expert as the Independent reporting that he bets on Malta & Portugal for ‘green list’ – ‘rest of Europe amber’

The Daily Mail predicts that “Portugal should be on the green list for holidays from May 17”: Experts say low infection rate and lack of variants could mean destination is back on the cards for Brits

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5 thoughts on “Portugal tipped to be on UK “green list””

  1. Unlike some of the countries on the proposed list, it looks likely that Portugal would welcome visitors from the UK if it were added to the green list.

    Otherwise, like last year, the green list is more “we’d like to travel to these countries as they have low rates of infection” rather than “these countries would let us in”.


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