MPs “discourage” foreign holidays

MPs urge ban on overseas holidays.

Beach for overseas holidays

Simon Calder in the Independent reports that a cross-party group of MPs and peers has urged the government to maintain a ban on international travel in place through the summer.

Non-essential travel abroad has been banned from the start of the year, but the government has indicated that overseas holidays could resume, from England at least, on May 17. Ministers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have yet to decide on reopening international travel. However, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus has warned of “a deadly third wave and further lockdowns” if the prohibition on going abroad is eased. They are particularly concerned about the introduction of new variants.

The MPs in the APPG say the travel ban should continue with a review every three months, which would effectively rule out holidays until late August at the earliest.

“It is staggering that the government is even contemplating encouraging overseas holidays when airports are already struggling to keep the virus and new variants at bay”

Layla Moran MP, who is chair of the group as well as the Liberal Democrats’ foreign affairs spokesperson

The parliamentarians, comprising more than 60 MPs and peers, also say fake Covid test certificates are rife. Lucy Moreton of the Immigration Services Union told a hearing that border staff detects around 100 fake test certificates a day – mainly by spotting spelling errors. There is also concern that passengers arriving back from “green” and “non-green” countries could mix at airports.

Tim Alderslade, chief executive of Airlines UK, called the report “partial and one-sided,” saying it ignored the place of vaccination and cheap, rapid testing in reopening travel and overseas holidays while limiting risk:

“Nobody is saying every country in the world will be opened up from 17 May.” “Where there are genuine concerns around variants, restrictions should remain in place. But to just say we should effectively close the island and kick the travel can down the road for months on end is neither evidence-led nor based on the latest science.”

Tim Alderslade, chief executive of Airlines UK

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5 thoughts on “MPs “discourage” foreign holidays”

  1. It makes sense at this stage, mixing with residents from countries who still have not got a high vaccination rate in other countries and going through 3 airports for one holiday, does present a risk for importing the virus again.

  2. Meanwhile in the real world, away from the out-of-touch House of Commons benches, Jet 2 are launching services to Funchal from both Glasgow and Edinburgh, from 1st November. This in response to ‘growing demand from people for winter breaks’.

    While some of those MPs are sincerely concerned about transmission, for others Covid is simply an opportunity to close down opportunities to travel and reduce the amount of flying we all do. As for transmission, scientists, in the UK this morning are describing the risks as minimal.

  3. … Walter I think you are a bit confused and totally missing the point that decisions are being made (or should be) based on the case numbers in countries, the vaccination rate has nothing to do with it as it used to protect people from the worst effects of the virus …

  4. The port website and CrewCenter website have both been updated and although they do not agree 100% they both agree that the first cruise ship to visit will be the Balmoral arriving 10th Sept departing 1th Sept.


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