First night with relaxed rules is very quiet

“Timid return to normality”

The Old Town, where relaxed rules did not bring out the crowds

The Diario reports that for the first time in four months, under the new relaxed rules, Madeirans were able to visit bars, restaurants, and commerce in general until 10:00 pm and remain on the street until 11:00 pm, but the newspaper observed:

“there was no flood, quite the contrary … perhaps because it is Sunday and most people have work or study commitments tomorrow morning, there was a slow and timid return to normality”.

The Diario describes a trip around Funchal and found that the city was no longer the desert it was previously. There were people and vehicles circulating but the movement was much less than levels observed up until the end of last year.

Relaxed rules generate little extra custom

Most restaurants and shops, whether on the street or in shopping centres, had few customers, under the relaxed rules announced recently. The ice cream parlors of downtown, which usually attract queuing customers, had little activity. They only found a picture close to normal in some bars and restaurants in Praça do Mar (next to the Pestana CR7 Hotel), in the Old Town, and Rua das Fontes (next to the Avenida do Mar). In this last location, there were even a few people drinking standing up and in the middle of the street – which is still prohibited under the relaxed rules. The Diario observed that it was mainly young clientele and many appeared to be foreign. The PSP Rapid Intervention Team was in the area, but did not intervene.

Restaurant staff were not surprised by the quiet start to the first day with an extended schedule under the relaxed rules after four months of afternoon curfew, and they believe that in the coming days the population will want to return to enjoying the freedoms and services that the pandemic has limited recently.

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    • You’re probably right there Phil. Looking at the webcams you can see people out and about today at 6pm so it looks like things are picking up.


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