Unemployment “rampant” in Madeira

Unemployment reaches a 55-month high

Diario headline about unemployment

The Diario front page leads with a report that unemployment is rising rapidly in Madeira, with levels reaching a 55-month high. Temporary workers are the worst affected whilst the municipality of Santa Cruz is seeing the most rapid growth in workers “signing-on”.

On the mainland, the Portugal News recently reported that unemployment has also worsened in Lisbon and the Algarve – again reflecting the dependency of these areas on tourism. The jobless rate in the Algarve region soared by 54.6%.

Registered unemployment increased for the fourth consecutive month across the whole country, but it was in the Algarve, with a 54.6% increase in the number of registered in employment centres, and in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (40.7%) which, year-on-year, registered the most expressive growths in March.

For the last full year (2020) Portugal’s unemployment rate was 5.93% according to Statistica, and had been falling for 6 years.

Unemployment "rampant" in Madeira 1

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