Porto Santo without marine litter

New initiative launched

Marine litter collected in Porto Santo

The Diario reports that yesterday, Sunday, April 18, began the start of the ‘Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho’ (“without marine litter”) initiative.

The action brought together the Regional Government, the Porto Santo City Council, and other entities (such as AIDGLOBAL) around the environmental cause, also involving the local community. The initiative runs until next April 22 (Wednesday)

For the regional director of Youth, this marine litter initiative is “a drop in the ocean”, but “on a global scale”, whose main objective is “to make people aware of the importance of having good habits on land, so that we can then go to our beaches and safe seas, with a clean sea”. João Rodrigues also stressed that “what happened on the island of Madeira in the last two weeks was really very important”, especially due to the “adhesion of schools and youth associations” to this initiative. “Porto Santo also had to be included in this itinerary”, he reinforced.

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Kraken helps fight against marine litter

For Sofia Santos, Councilor for Tourism at the Porto Santo City Council, this initiative “went very well”, and the project gained publicity last week when the crew of the ship ‘Kraken’ (which is stopping in Porto Santo), the digital nomads, and also some popular local figures joined this cleaning action.
They found several types of garbage, separated and also tried to sensitize people who were on the beach, but I think everything went well and the next few days promise a good cleaning, on an island that is already clean, but always has some marine litter to catch.

The Kraken will return to Madeira after promoting the campaign against marine letter in Porto Santo.

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