Germans can go to Madeira but not holiday at home

Germany’s inconsistent rules.

German police stopping tourists

Hundreds of tourists were turned back from German state over COVID restrictions during the Easter weekend, with police expelling more than 500 vacationers from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as part of the state’s ban on tourism.

The northern state, known for its Baltic Sea coastline, is a popular tourist destination, particularly among day-trippers, but over Easter holiday weekend visitors were asked to leave by authorities after they failed to present a valid reason for their stay. Only visits to members of immediate family, such as parents and children, are allowed.

A total of 343 people in 189 vehicles were expelled from the state on Good Friday, and 193 people were asked to leave on Saturday after officers checked 91 vehicles in Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg’s lake district, the police said. A total of 790 vehicles were checked,” they said.

Tourism, even as a day trip, is not permitted in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as part of the pandemic restrictions, while compatriots were queuing in Majorca for COVID-19 tests before returning home from their Easter holidays abroad.

The Times reports that frustration at contradictory lockdown policies is growing as Angela Merkel plans to use federal powers to impose uniform rules on regional governments that have resisted tough measures. Many Germans have been infuriated by rules that allow people to fly to Spanish island resorts while those at home cannot go to the coast, to camp sites or holiday cottages.

Most of the visitors to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania were from neighbouring German cities or regional states. People were turned away even if they were visiting relatives unless they could prove the trip was a “valid” one to visit immediate family. One woman described to local TV how she was turned back after explaining that she wanted to visit her boyfriend, and warned that if she was stopped again she would be fined. “Go straight to the autobahn. Go home,” the officers told her.

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14 thoughts on “Germans can go to Madeira but not holiday at home”

    • Maurice, every country has it’s own specialty.
      In today’s UK it is: Export and Import bureaucratie.
      Good thing that there is no tax or bureaucratie involved in the imports of vaccines from Europe.
      Good thing for the UK that is……

  1. Everyone should be welcome of course; BUT ONLY THOSE VACCINATED – (doubly important from higher risk areas). Otherwise Madeira will not be on any Green List; which will deal a far bigger blow to the Madeiran economy, if the far larger amount of UK visitors are prevented from coming.

  2. As there are fewer cases of Covid in Madeira than some Herman states, it’s maybe not as mad as it sounds from a German point of view. Whether Madeira wants them is another matter!

    Of course the U.K. can’t exactly criticise seeing as we have our own fair share of anomalies!

  3. It is a pain and embarrassment to watch my country failing in almost any regard concerning the pandemic. It started with a subterrestrial discussion on the sense of wearing a mask (that were short in supply), initiated by the health minister himself (who studied arts in his first life), went on with a growing group of people who still deny Covid (where you ask yourself, on what drugs they are), followed by a group who generally is against any vaccination, just to culminate (for the time being) in 16 boys and girls in local governments taking whatever measure they consider making them look sexy, while neglecting what had been agreed with the federal government in countless conferences. Heaven help! More likely though that Merkel will put them back on the same lane of the Autobahn to go at high speed in the same direction.

  4. This quote ” Many Germans have been infuriated by rules that allow people to fly to Spanish island resorts”

    Many Spaniards have been infuriated by rules that allow Germans to fly to Spanish island resorts while Spaniards are not allowed to cross regional borders.

    The whole thing is mad.

    [I checked Monday’s flights to see if the weekly Finnair flight I’ll need in October has re-started again. It hasn’t but there were several flights from various German airports]

  5. Jamie stop talking rubbish and stick your green list.Everyone is welcome in Madeira .Fred who said vaccinated people don’t die from it?.No one is death proof.

  6. Re jamie’s comment about the “far larger amount of UK visitors”, he may like to know that international arrivals from Germany outweigh those from the UK. In order of country of origin, the top five countries so far as Madeira is concerned are 1. Germany, 2. UK, 3. France, 4. Netherlands and 5. Poland. Domestic visitors from Portugal represent a larger figure than even Germany.


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