7,000 students return

Secondary schools return after distance classes

Students is a classroom

Press agency Lusa reports that around 7,000 secondary school students in Madeira will return today to schools after having been with distance classes since January 11. On Monday it is the turn of 8,700 students of the 3rd cycle.

Secondary Education is compulsory since the school year of 2012/2013 and consists of a three-year cycle after basic education – children aged six by 15 September must be enrolled in their first school year in that calendar year. Basic Education consists of nine years of schooling divided into three sequential cycles of education of four, two, and three years. 1º Ciclo equates to student’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years, 2nd Cycle is 5th and 6th years, and the 3rd Cycle 7th, 8th, and 9th years. Secondary education (Ensino Secundário) for students is years 10, 11, and 12.

The Regional Government of Madeira decided on January 11 to suspend the face-to-face classes in the archipelago for secondary education and 3rd cycle due to the increase in cases of COVID-19. Face-to-face classes were only maintained for all other levels of education – daycare centres, kindergartens, pre-school, 1st cycle, 2nd cycle, vocational and special education.

Schools in the other grades of education thus kept their doors open, with the obligation to comply with preventive measures, with total school closures due to cases of COVID-19 being occasional exceptions. As a rule, the classes and contacts identified were only confined.
The decision to resume face-to-face classes today for secondary and 3rd cycle student education comes after the vaccination of “all educational staff in the region” has been implemented.

According to the Secretary of Education for Madeira, Jorge Carvalho, the vaccination process for teachers and non-teachers should be concluded by the end of this week, with the administration of 6,000 doses to teachers and other employees of the educational community. Thousands of students from schools in the region are also being tested, Jorge Carvalho said on Tuesday, aiming for a “return in safety and tranquility”.

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