Vaccinations in Madeira to continue with Pfizer

AZ suspension does not stop vaccinations

Vaccinations in Madeira to continue with Pfizer 1

The Diario reports that in a note sent to the newsrooms this evening, the Regional Health Directorate in Madeira (DRS) has announced that “vaccination against COVID-19 in the Autonomous Region will continue using the Pfizer vaccine”.

The administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine is suspended in the Region, following the instructions of the General Directorate Health and the National Medicines Authority (INFARMED) as reported here earlier and copied elsewhere.

So far 3,543 people in Madeira have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca, out of a total of 35,000 vaccines already administered. “There were no serious adverse effects have been reported “, reveals the DRS.

The vaccination campaign will continue in the municipal Vaccination Centers, with the administration of the Pfizer vaccine, on the days and in places already known to the population, including vaccination over the weekend in the municipality of Funchal, in Madeira Tecnopolo.

Vaccination against COVID-19 that was scheduled for the next weekdays at Madeira Tecnopolo, with the AstraZeneca vaccine is cancelled.

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7 thoughts on “Vaccinations in Madeira to continue with Pfizer”

  1. 11 millions have had Pfizer, over three times that amount have had AstraZeneca and yet, the numbers of blood clot cases is similar in both cases!! So, to my mind the Pfizer is worse!!

    So the real clots are the wazzocks who have stopped using it.

    • absolutely right! this is a stupid EU political decision – not a medical one. I would have hoped Portugal and Madeira would have been a bit more sensible/brave and ignored the big boy bullies.

  2. How long have you been a medic-those who are in control must know what they are doing, these viruses can become diverse and are complex lets leave it to the experts. We all have opinions but are not medics….

    • Not a medic; but a statistician. 37 cases out of over 17 MILLION jabs!! A usual rate and about the same as that for the non-banned Pfizer vaccine. allied ot Austrian and french ministers QUOTED as saying it’s a political decision.

  3. There cannot be comparisons between vaccines unless conducted on a head to head basis in the same trial.
    This is seldom done, so one being more effective than the other cannot be determined.
    Trials are usually on young healthy people,therefore there are different outcomes on age and health.
    It is unfounded that blood clots are caused by a certain brand or any for that matter.
    Only when mass vaccination is carried out worldwide will we know the
    real facts.
    What is known at this time is the Vaccines are outweighing the seriousness of the illness and both the mentioned ones have equal status at this moment on time.


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