Vaccination explained to the elderly

Video released on social networks

Vaccination video link

JM reports that the Regional Government of Madeira explains the COVID-19 vaccination process for elderly people with pathologies associated with a video on social networks.

“We are vaccinating the population aged 80 and over and between 75 and 79 with associated pathologies. Vaccination is phased and depends on the availability of vaccines. Wait for the contact of the health services. For further information call 800 210 263, consult the website or use our e-mail address ( Remember that the pandemic is not over. Responsible attitudes make the difference “, you can read in the publication on social media.

Care home vaccination progress

Until yesterday, 2,855 people in nursing homes, including residents and professionals, had a complete vaccination, that is, they had already been given the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Emergency workers get vaccination today

The vaccination against Covid-19 for the security forces, firefighters, and the Red Cross teams takes place today, Thursday, at the Madeira Tecnopolo facilities. Everything has previously gone according to plan for the vaccinated operatives of the police and criminal authorities and the pre-hospital service.

In addition to these, maritime police operatives, personnel assigned to critical services, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians are part of a total of 600 operational users to be vaccinated today.

To date, more than 1,300 vaccines have been administered to security forces, firefighters, civil protection and critical services. Of these, more than 500 already have two doses of the vaccine.

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  1. These people are the same insensitive clowns who put foreign pensioners lives at risk by putting them into unhumane and dangerous situations
    Do your self a favour, stay away.


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