President will assist police investigation

Albuquerque denies that any laws were broken

Albuquerque, who will assist in the investigation

Government investigation: JM reports online this afternoon that the President of the Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, announced today that he will provide “everything necessary to ascertain the truth”, within the scope of the searches of the Judiciary Police related to the award of the concession for the exploration of the Free Zone (previous posts).

“First of all, the Regional Government, and me, provides everything necessary to ascertain the truth as quickly as possible, because I think it is essential, at this moment, to clarify everything that needs to be clarified”, said the chief of the Madeiran executive.

Miguel Albuquerque was speaking about the investigation on the sidelines of a visit to a rehabilitated path in the area of ​​Paul da Serra, in the municipality of Porto Moniz, north of Madeira, now transformed into a recommended route for tourist purposes.

“I have 25 years of public life, in addition to my profession, which I have exercised for many years, in the service of my region and my country, and I have nothing to hide and I am perfectly aware, since I did not commit any illegality, nor did I initiate any unlawful act, “he declared.

The chief executive, from the PSD / CDS-PP coalition, commented on the fact that several installations of the Madeiran Government and the Madeira Development Society were the target of searches, on Wednesday, by the Judiciary Police related to the award of the concession for the exploration of the International Business Center in the region, also known as the Free Trade Zone.

Under investigation, refers a note published on the website of the Central Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DCIAP) on the Internet, there are “facts that are likely to integrate the practice of crimes of malfeasance, corruption and economic participation in business”, but until today they have not been constituted defendants.

“At this point, I think it is essential to say that we are fully cooperating with the justice system. There is no problem,” he said, stressing that he had never been “a person who promotes this type of law-breaking scheme”.

And he reinforced: “I am not accused of anything, nor am I condemned for anything. I have always acted within ethical standards and I will continue to do so”.

Miguel Albuquerque admits the possibility of being able to make “wrong or controversial decisions”, but stresses that this is not the same thing as making an illicit decision.

The investigation carried out by the DCIAP points to “facts related to the award, by direct agreement, by the Regional Government of Madeira, of the concession of the administration and operation of the Free Trade Zone of Madeira to SDM – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira, SA”.

The investigations carried out by the Judiciary Police, adds the DCIAP, “are also aimed at investigating a possible relationship between this award and the sale, to a real estate fund, of a set of properties where a tourist unit is located”, at Quinta do Arco, which was owned by the President of the Regional Government.

Miguel Albuquerque says that, in the case of the concession of the Free Zone to SDM, the decision was right.

“I think it was a right decision, just look at the results of these five years, in which the region had, in fact, great advantages and, incidentally, was also based on a legal framework, on legal opinions”, he said, indicating, on the other hand hand, that his private residence was not the target of searches.

The president of the executive also relates the fact that the investigation was initiated on the basis of “anonymous complaints” with political reasons.

“I think the complaint was made on a political basis. But we, who have been in politics for many years, know that this happens many times,” he said, stressing: “I am a person who has always respected justice and I have worked in justice for many years . Now, everyone knows what is behind this “.

Wednesday’s searches covered, in addition to the SDM facilities, two private residences and two commercial companies, as well as the Presidency and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Government of Madeira, the Vice-Presidency, the Regional Secretariat for the Economy, Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, the Regional Deputy Directorate for Finance and the Regional Deputy Directorate for Parliamentary Affairs, External Relations and Coordination.

Investigation conducted under secrecy.

The DCIAP indicated that the investigation is under secrecy.

Also on Wednesday, Grupo Pestana ensured that “it is not, nor has it ever been, a shareholder of the management company” of the fund to which Quinta do Arco was sold, or “holder of units in that fund”, being only a tenant , confirming, however, that it was “the subject of a judicial procedure”.

In a response sent to the Lusa agency, the group explained that “the fund in question is an open-ended real estate investment fund and the Pestana Group is not, and never was, a shareholder in the fund’s management company or a shareholder of the fund, just being a tenant “.

Grupo Pestana also said that “it is not (appropriate) to comment” on searches made by the Judiciary Police to facilities of the Madeiran Government and to the Madeira Development Society (SDM).

On the other hand, SDM confirmed, in a statement, “to have been the subject of a judicial procedure”, but reaffirmed the “transparent conduct in all acts” practiced, considering that the ongoing investigation constituted “an excellent opportunity to conclude the legality and good faith “with which society” always acted “in this process.

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