Portuguese PM backs AstraZeneca vaccine

PM attempts to play down EU concerns

Portuguese PM backs AstraZeneca vaccine 1

The Expresso website reports that the Portuguese PM has said “I am with you, I also took the first dose of the vaccine. I look forward to the second. ” That was how António Costa ended a short statement to journalists today, Tuesday, in Porto. At issue is the temporary suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine, announced less than 24 hours ago. The prime minister appealed for calm, recalling that he himself had been vaccinated with the therapy of the British pharmaceutical company.

“All the scientific evidence shows that the vaccine is safe and effective. I say this with the peace of mind that I am being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. I already took my first dose and I am waiting for the second one in May”, he started by saying. “I hope that everything will be clarified and my conviction is that everything will be clarified. The available scientific information shows this and the Governments, namely ours, have taken a preventive decision”, he continued.

The Prime Minister considered it important that “people understand what is happening”: “the suspensions are only provisional and even today the World Health Organization is discussing the known data, the European Medicines Agency will announce their verdict before the end of the week”. 

It is based on this calendar that António Costa says he believes that by the end of the week there should be a final decision. “It makes sense to suspend for three or four days so that the process can continue later”, he defended, appealing to the calm of those who have already been vaccinated and the patience of those who now have the vaccination process delayed for a few weeks.

This Monday, the Directorate-General for Health announced that it would temporarily stop using the AstraZeneca vaccine . According to the president of Infarmed, in a press conference, the “temporary interruption” of the administration of this vaccine was recommended by the Directorate-General for Health and the National Medicines Authority, “based on the principle of precaution in public health”, following the discovery of “new cases of serious adverse reactions in several European countries” after taking the vaccine.

One of the consequences is also the temporary interruption of the vaccination of teaching and non-teaching staff, whose process should start this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Portuguese PM backs AstraZeneca vaccine”

  1. I feel sorry for Portugal being dragged in to this politically led trashing of the AZ vaccine. Italy has already said the decision to suspend use of the AZ vaccine is a political decision and not based on the science that shows it is safe. Such a shame as each day the vaccine is suspended will lead to lives being lost and delaying life getting back to normality.

  2. What a mess! And who to believe? Clearly this is nit the EUs finest hour, and it would appear they are playing politics to some extent, but who to believe – the EU or our lying PM?

  3. The temporary ban on the Oxford – AstraZeneca vaccine will cost lives, the millions (11) vaccinated with it had less clots (37) than a similar number not vaccinated in the general population and most probably less than the alternative vaccines! Strange how that data hasn’t been published? I feel its got very political! Pity for the families of those who will die as a result.


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