Improved seismic surveillance

… but “little seismic danger”

Improved seismic surveillance 1

JM reports that the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA foresees the installation “in the short or medium-term” of five new seismographs and 20 accelerometric stations “in order to improve seismic surveillance, in particular, the location of the earthquakes and their depth”, revealed to the JM the IPMA regional delegate, Victor Prior.

It has been a year since Sunday that Madeira trembled due to an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2, on the Ritcher scale.

Victor Primor recalls that despite having been an earthquake of significant intensity, Madeira is located “in a geographic area with little seismic danger compared to other regions of the planet, including the continental territory and the Azores”.

“However, people should always be prepared and follow the instructions and recommendations to be followed in the event of an earthquake”, he strongly advises.

Currently, in the archipelago of Madeira, the IPMA has a network consisting of five seismographs, located in Funchal / Meteorological Observatory, Chão do Areeiro, Santa / Porto Moniz, Porto Santo / Vila Baleira and Porto Santo / Pico Castelo integrated in a system that allows the diffusion at regional level the magnitude and intensity of earthquakes in about one to two minutes.

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