AstraZeneca jab being “weaponised” by EU leaders

Top GP calls for EU to “get a grip”.

Headline "AstraZeneca jab being "weaponised" by EU leaders"

The “i” newspaper this morning carries the headline that one of the country’s leading doctors has said that European leaders are “weaponising” fears over the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and called on the continent to “get a grip” before the world suffers.

Professor Dame Clare Gerada, a former president of the Royal College of GPs, said she had “full confidence” that the vaccine is safe, following the decision of several countries to pause their programme amid safety concerns regarding blood clot cases.

“There is nothing I’ve heard that is worrying me. I’m intrigued as to what these European countries are finding. And as many doctors are saying, even if the vaccine does cause blood clots – even if it does – you are far more likely to die of Covid than you are of a blood clot at any age.

“Pfizer has the same number of cases of blood clots in people who have had that vaccine, so I really am worried the AstraZeneca vaccine is being weaponised and that makes me very sad as a European, very sad for us all, globally, because we’re all in this together.

“It would be a shame because it won’t just be the AstraZeneca vaccine that becomes the victim of this, it will be all the vaccines. It doesn’t take much. And if there’s one thing we need to get out of the catastrophe we are all in, it’s herd immunity. If everybody loses faith in all the vaccines [that won’t happen].”

Dame Clare talking to the “i” newspaper

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18 thoughts on “AstraZeneca jab being “weaponised” by EU leaders”

  1. The EU leaders are trying to deflect the bad publicity over their failings with the vaccine programme. What better way than to condemn the Oxford Uni/AstraZeneca vaccine? It just shows the depths that EU politicians will sink. Meanwhile thousands more can die but what the heck, it’s a price worth paying if you can get the population venting their spleens in a different direction.

    Never trust politicians as they are slime-balls when it comes down to it.

    • And more EU bashing…..
      PS: Thailand, Congo, Norway, Iceland, South Africa are NOT members of EU.
      The only reasonable thing in your post is to never trust politicians – now what’s the name of that 3rd rate journalist again?

      • They are just following on from what the EU states started.

        The AstraZeneca vaccine will be vindicated and those who poo-pood it will be the ones with egg on their faces. Meanwhile, roll on my 2nd dose of it.

  2. First thing to do if you have messed up the supply of vaccine is to rubbish it so the population is afraid to take it. Then you keep what you have in the fridge and complain you are not receiving your fair share. Thank God we have left this politely project which put the politicians lifestyles above the health and well being of their populations.
    Until we are all safe no one is. Please insist the politicians give this anti UK stance up. We still need each other

    • Ah, UK politicians are different from regular politicians? Maurice will not agree….. as he said, they are all the same.
      If you want to put your trust in Boris, feel free to do so, but do not bother other posters with it.

      • Actually I am sure there are some honest and decent politicians out there who really do want to do their best for the people, the environment etc. But, I am sure that when they’ve been around for a long time getting frustrated at their efforts falling on stone ground that they become cynical just like the rest.

    • Stop bashing the EU, and I will not be bothered by comments on this forum. Remember, you have left, and out is out.
      Would you like it if Europeans commented on the Pratel case, labour party voting”against” 2% payrise for NHS, your export and import tax mess, your pitifull pensions, etc? Or would you tell us to mind our own business?
      And yes, the EU bungled up their vaccinations: the EU produced 70 mln vaccines, and exported 41 mln vaccines to 33 countries, including 10 mln to our UK friends. Do you know the corresponding numbers for the UK?


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