Anniversary of earthquake

One year since 5.2 magnitude earthquake felt in Madeira

Anniversary of earthquake 1

It is one year since the strongest earthquake for nearly 50 years was felt in Madeira. As one of the local papers observes, it was quickly forgotten as it coincided with the arrival of the pandemic.

The Mail Online at the time reported that “An earthquake has caused panicked evacuations of homes and community buildings on the holiday island of Madeira. Tourists said how they left their hotels after the 5.2 magnitude quake just before 9:00 pm yesterday”.

“Footage taken inside a church in the town of Sao Vicente on the island’s north coast showed people running for cover when the quake struck during a Baroque music concert. The regional tourism minister was among the churchgoers. There were no reports of any casualties but three roads were partially closed because of rock-falls”

A number of videos later emerged of the event – featuring on this post at the time.

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COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found on an earlier post

8 thoughts on “Anniversary of earthquake”

  1. It is a weird feeling when it happens.
    Everthing seems to float.
    I lived in Jonannexburg for many years where there were many earth tremors.
    An earthquake is completely different.
    B Jackson mrs

  2. That poor island has been through a lot in recent times; dengue fever, floods, fires and an earthquake! – fortunately the latter was not too bad

  3. We were in the Indian Palace enjoying a lovely curry when the earthquake struck. Being up on concrete legs the building swung from side to side and as some customers ran for the stairs, some tried to dive under the table, unsuccessful due to the tables having just one central pedestal. We sat tight cradling the plates and glasses from crashing to the floor. Then we continued to enjoy the rest of our meal. It was strange on leaving to see the waiters had rigged up plate warmers on the flowerbed surrounds to reheat the meals of all those who wouldn’t dare re-enter the restaurant after the quake. A meal to remember, not just for the superb quality. We were back there for a curry the following week, but asked to pass on the special effects!

  4. A few years ago in January there was a small quake between Madeira and Porto Santo in the middle of the night. We in our 11th floor bedroom in the Girassol were not aware of anything.
    When we came down for breakfast there was loads of conversation with one lady saying she had been thrown out of her bed.


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