Curfew continues to April 12

Curfew in Madeira

Curfew extended again.

Curfew continues to April 12: not unexpectedly both local newspapers report online this afternoon that the Regional Government has today formalized in the Government Council, the extension of the pandemic measures including curfew to remain in force until 23:59 on April 12, 2021.

This was very much ............ more

Restock: new exhibition

New exhibition at Restock Gallery

“In search of a perfect cloud”

Restock Gallery, in Funchal Old Town, has asked that the blog gives a little publicity to their latest exhibition, which opened last week and runs until May 22.


by Pascalqb

In search of the perfect cloud, serves ............ more

COVID-19: recovered cases accelerate

COVID-19 in Madeira, where the number of recovered cases is accelerating

Latest figures show 76 recovered

The Diario reports that this Tuesday, March 30, Madeira has 24 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection’ and a promising total of 76 recovered. The data revealed by the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE show that only two new infections are imported (from ............ more

136 litres of rain fell per square metre

Weather in

… during weekend storm in Madeira

Some of the latest figures to emerge from the weekend deluge make interesting reading, paricularly the astonishing amount of rainfall:

Over the course of six hours, 136 litres of rain fell per square metre, according to Pedro Calado. The incredible figure is more than 20 litres per square metre greater ............ more

Bad weather tomorrow?

BBC weather forecast for Wednesday

Alarmist predictions.

The Diario comments that the matter of weather forecasting in Madeira seems to have, at least temporarily, been taken out of the hands of the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, and become the preserve of aspiring local politicians.

This was after Regional vice-president, Pedro Calado, told the press ............ more

Tui cancels operations until May

Headline that Tui has cancelled May operations

German operation until May cancelled

JM leads with the story that TUI FLY announced yesterday that the operation scheduled for May 2 from Germany is void. The decision, which surprises operators and hoteliers, cancels dozens of Tui flights to Madeira and leads hundreds of tourists to cancel reservations.

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