Worst December for tourism in 45 years

Tourism stats make bleak reading.

Empty streets in Funchal, which saw little tourism in December

According to a report in the Diario, “the latest estimates for December 2020 saw the tourism sector register 31,500 guests and 166,200 overnight stays, corresponding to year-on-year changes of -64.1% and -66.1%, respectively (-72.6% and -73.9% in November, in the same order)”. The latest tourism stats were disclosed by the Department of Regional Statistics (DREM)yesterday. “In cumulative terms, the year 2020 totaled only 494,000 thousand guests and 2.8 million overnight stays, with sharp falls of 64.3% and 66.1%, respectively”.

“For the purposes of comparability with the data released by INE, who supply the stats at a national level, it is necessary to exclude local accommodation with less than 10 beds, and after this adjustment, overnight stays in tourist accommodation have a decrease of 68.7% in relation to December 2019, a variation less than that recorded at a national level (-72.3%)”, justifies DREM, which attests once again that the local accommodation sector, particularly the smaller ones, ended up improving this indicator.

Worst December for tourism in 45 years 1

The statistical authority concludes that “in the Region, the main non-resident issuing markets showed quite significant declines in overnight stays, although less accentuated than in November. The French market was the one which registered the sharpest drop with -76.6% in overnight stays (-87.5% in November), followed by the British with -67.6% (-73.6%) and the German with -56.3% ( -71.0% in the previous month)”.

The survey also reveals that “in December, 52.7% of tourist accommodation establishments were either closed or saw no movement of guests. However, the hotel sector accounted, in the reference month, 61.3% of establishments recorded guest movements (64.0% in November)”.

Tourism: worst year in history

JM lead today with the headline that tourism ended 2020 as the worst year in history with only 2.8 million overnight stays, down by 5 million. October, the best tourist month did not even reach half of the same period, but the worst scenario happened in April, with just over 4,000 overnight stays.

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