Porto Santo calls for urgent help

“Curfew is castrating business”

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FN reports on a call for special assistance for Porto Santo. The Association of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Porto Santo has issued a press release from its president, Miguel Velosa, in which it is claimed that the Golden Island is urgently in need of help. “we normally have a difficult winter, but in this pandemic, it has lasted for almost eleven months”.

The association believes that the new curfew measures do not have a major impact on industry and services, but closing at 6:00 pm is a “castrating decision” for business, which can only do “take-away” from Monday to Friday until 10:00 pm, and at the weekend only until 5:00 pm.

Assistance is called for by way of a “direct injection into companies”, and the government of on the mainland is criticized for not including Madeiran companies in their support measures.

Miguel Velosa notes, on the other hand, that the Regional Government has created support through its budget and debt in banking, but “some are unattainable”. Although they are excellent with an increase of up to 60/70%, they require an investment, an impossible situation for most companies, which are decapitalized or in the process of insolvency. Unless aaction is taken quickly it is envisaged that the number of unemployed on the island will increase considerably.

Porto Santo “has been suffering for hundreds of years”

“Unfortunately, today the island of Madeira is suffering what we have suffered for hundreds of years”, says the president of the association, who asks for the rethinking of “a new strategy for Porto Santo”. In the successive exchanges of city council executives, he mentions, “little or nothing changes”, for “lack of ideas and well-defined objectives”.

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The AICTPS leader wants more governmental proactivity for an island that lives off tourism. He asks for bets on professional training, on the promotion and sale of Porto Santo as a destination to the sending markets, on the certification of local products, on attracting more foreign investment and creating jobs. The population, he notes, is getting older, and young people go out to study and no longer return for lack of jobs.

Coincidentally JM leads today with a report that the Region (presumably including Porto Santo), through the Madeira Promotion Association will invest €4.8 million this year in promoting the island’s tourism in three markets: the United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal.

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  1. After the pandemic .they need to make it much cheaper for tourists to reach the island . then look at there accommodation restaurants prices etc etc all over priced .


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