Politicians highlight support for fishing

Espada fishing defended

Politicians pictured next to fishing boat

JM reports that today, Friday, the PSD Parliamentary Group highlighted, in an initiative carried out in Câmara de Lobos, the support of the Regional Government for the fishing sector, not only through direct aid but also through the construction of new infrastructure and the improvement of existing conditions .

Deputy Higino Teles recalled the recovery and requalification of the auctions and cold stores that have been carried out, the measures to combat COVID-19 that have already enabled support in the order of €1.25 million to the fishing industry, and also the implementation of auction fee exemption with respect to fish storage, refrigeration, freezing and ice supply, in an annual amount worth €600,000.

In this initiative, the deputy also regretted the European Union’s intention to prohibit the capture of tubarão deep-sea sharks – pointing out that it is an accidental by-product of the espada preto (black scabbard fish) fishing fleet.

“This is a measure that is neither perceived nor accepted,” Deputy Higino Teles said, recalling that, in 2015, the European Union had already taken an identical decision, which it withdrew in 2017, after a case presented by the Region, authorizing a quota of seven tons per year.

He points out that “the species caught reveal that they are adults, with the presence of juveniles being almost non-existent, which also proves the selectivity of the fishing gear”. In addition, he maintained that, as “a traditional, secular and selective activity, in addition to being accidental, there is no way to avoid it without jeopardizing the catch of espada preto”.

The deputy warns that, “if approved, this measure, in addition to having a negative impact on fishermen’s income, will deprive Madeirans of access to a product that is highly appreciated in gastronomic terms”, stressing that integrating the EU does not necessarily mean losing identity, abdicating habits, traditions and cultures “.

It therefore guarantees that, in the name of defending regional interests, the PSD Parliamentary Group will do everything to reverse this situation, seeking to know the position of the Government of the Republic, and in particular the Minister of the Sea, Ricardo Santos, on this matter.

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